After quite some city trips to Dusseldorf, London, Gothenburg and Barcelona over the past six months, I really felt the urge for an outdoor, nature trip. After some research on the internet I ended up looking at Davos. Davos is a very famous winter destination. However, checking out the Davos tourism tips on the internet I immediately became very excited about visiting Davos in summer. I decided to make Davos Switzerland my next destination, without any regrets as you will discover reading this Davos travel blog full of tips.


Lately I went on a trip to Switzerland again to enjoy its unbelievable scenery. When I landed in Geneva I gathered all the info for buying a Swiss sim card at Geneva Airport and quickly found out that buying a Switzerland sim card in an official retail store was worth it. To find the best prepaid sim card in Switzerland in 2021 I researched the Swiss mobile shops and their websites and this is what I found out.


On my travels around the world I often pass through Geneva Airport. For my Youtube channel I wanted to make a video about how much it cost to travel to in Switzerland and as Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world I wanted to start here. Upon arrival I checked the prices for buying a Swiss sim card at Geneva Airport and you can read all about it in this guide.

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