End of June 2019 I flew to Geneva Airport for a quick trip to Switzerland and in December 2019 I was back again. For my Youtube channel I wanted to make a video about how much it cost to travel to Europe and as Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world I wanted to include them. Upon arrival I checked the prices for buying a Swiss sim card at Geneva Airport and you can read all about it in this guide. Also when interested what is the best sim card in Switzerland click here.

Switzerland sim cards and traveling in Europe are a bad combination! There is no free EU roaming. Click on this link for my article about the best travel sim in Europe

Using a Europe sim card in Switzerland

Not every sim card for traveling in Europe also works in Switzerland. Officially Switzerland is not part of the EU and therefore roaming charges can apply even for UK sim cards as well as Germany, France, etc. With my Europe sim card there were no extra roaming charges. Click here to check out the Orange traveler sim with 20GB for traveling in Europe.

4 Best Europe sim cards to buy online in 2020

Save the hassle of buying a Swiss sim card on arrival, let it be shipped to your home address before your trip to Switzerland. The following Europe sim cards are also great for traveling in Switzerland as they offer free roaming.

1. Orange Smart Comfort S - 8 GB data

Price: $30

  • 8 GB data
  • 30 minutes worldwide
  • 200 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

2. Orange Smart Comfort X - 20 GB data

Price: $50

  • 20 GB data
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

3. Three Smart Silver - 5 GB data

Price: $30

  • 5 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

4. Three Smart Gold - 12 GB data

Price: $40

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

For more amazing sim only Europe sim card deals, click on the link and read my complete guide about it.

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Geneva Airport

Wlecome to one of the most well organized countries in the world and also one of the most expensive ones. Geneva Airport is pretty small and arriving here is very convenient. There is only one arrivals exit and if you have someone picking you up it is easy to find him or her. There is free Wifi but you will need an activation code. You can get them for free with your passport at the Information desk.

free wifi geneva ariport

Where to buy a Switzerland sim card in Geneva Airport

This is really simple as there is only one place in Geneva Airport where you can buy a Swiss sim card. When you walk out of arrivals head to the left towards the public busses and after like 50 meters you will see a huge Exchange desk on your left side. This is the ONLY place in Geneva Airport that sells Switzerland sim cards for tourists. There are no Swiss mobile shops!

sim card geneva airport

The sim card desk of the Exchange shop is only open from approximately 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Pretty damn inconvenient!

geneva airport sim card

Prices Swiss sim card Geneva Airport

At the Exchange Shop they only sell two prepaid Switzerland sim cards for tourists: Lebara prepaid sim card and a Yallo prepaid sim card.

At the time of research (July 2019) 1 USD was 1 CHF so need to convert anything. Prices for Swiss sim cards shown below are in Swiss francs but are the same in US dollars.

buy sim card geneva airport

Another inconvenience is that you can only buy a sim card at Geneva Airport with cash (Euros or Swiss Francs only), no credit cards accepted!

Lebara sim card Geneva Airport

Lebara Switzerland offers unlimited high speed internet for 1.5 CHF per day to be used in Switzerland only. Outside Swiss roaming charges apply!

You buy a Lebara sim card at the Exchange shop which will be activated for you on the spot. Then you will need to top up your credit with how many days you stay in Switzerland. You could also opt for one of the Lebara prepaid sim card bundles so you can use it in Europe or around the world. These data bundles are more expensive but include calling and texting as well. See the below options.

lebara sim card geneva

As these international Lebara Mobile bundles always have small data packages I am not a fan of them!

Yallo sim card Geneva Airport

Second option for buying a Switzerland sim card at Geneva Airport is Yallo Switzerland. This mobile internet company operates on the Sunrise Switzerland network. At Geneva Airport you can buy a Yallo sim card with 10GB data in Switzerland for 30 CHF, normally 40 CHF, it also includes calling and texting, see below.

yallo sim card swiss 1

Roaming charges apply for traveling in Europe but you can buy the following top ups.

yallo sim card swiss

Mobile internet connection Switzerland

Like most things in this country the mobile network coverage is very well established. Swiss mobile internet connection is even guaranteed in some remote places. All mobile networks in Switzerland have great 4G coverage.

Best Switzerland sim card Geneva Airport in 2020

Unfortunately there are only two Swiss sim card options available in Geneva Airport. Comparing the above mentioned sim cards is hard as they have different flexibilities and therefore depending on your needs you gotta decide for yourself what is the best Swiss sim card at Geneva Airport.

If you are not in a rush buying a Switzerland sim card then wait till you get to Geneva city. There you will find better deals with Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. Click on the following link to read all about the best prepaid sim card in Switzerland.

Both prepaid Swiss sim cards sold at Geneva Airport do NOT included roaming in the EU so if you are looking for a sim card for traveling in Europe then you want to look into the Orange sim card below.

Buy your EU sim card online

Click here to read everything about the Orange sim card for traveling in Europe. For $50 you get 20GB data valid in over 30 countries and 200 minutes calling time to anywhere in the world.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Portable WiGi device

A great option in case you are traveling to Europe with kids is TEP Wireless. You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time and you get unlimited internet for just a couple bucks per day. Click below for more info!

portable wifi device for traveling

How to get from Geneva Airport to the city

Believe it or not but you can get free public transportation tickets! In a city where everything is crazy expensive this made me smile big time. In the baggage hall just before you walk out of arrivals there is a machine that gives out free public transportation tickets to get you anywhere within Geneva city. The tickets are valid for 80 minutes.

from geneva airport to geneva

free public transport geneva airport

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I hope all the above tips for buying a sim card in Geneva Airport were helpful for your next trip to Switzerland. Let me know if you have any additional questions and I try to answer them in the comments below.

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