After a long an unexpected epic weekend in Cologne I finally made my way to Istanbul. Finally, cause it was not really my plan to stay in Germany that long. I left home Friday morning and said goodbye to mom and dad and ended up in Cologne. It was the weekend of El Clasico and since I am a huge Barca aficionado it was a weekend to remember.

Not only the fact that I could spend time with one of my best friends who is living in Cologne but my little brother and other best friends planned a daytrip to Cologne that same Saturday. I postponed my flight and as a surprise I showed up to see the glorious victory of Barca over Real Madrid together.

Last Monday though it was time to catch my first flight in 11 months. Where I took almost 100 flights over the years 2013 and 2014, this was my first flight of 2015. Istanbul was my destination! I was extremely curious about travelling to Turkey as I had only been on a beach holiday to Marmaris somewhere back in 2005. When I told people I was going to visit Turkey they asked me if I was crazy. Right now? Nowadays? With all these religious conflicts? Don’t let this hold you back from travelling people! I have been in Turkey now for a couple days and it is completely safe. Nothing going on at all!

After collecting my visa I made my way to the hostel by metro, which was only $2, though I had to walk from the metro station to the hostel through narrow dark streets. It didn’t look appealing to me, but after 100 meter I already felt completely comfortable. Since I’m staying in a very hip and trendy area with loads of bohemian coffee places and designer shops, a lot of people where still roaming the streets at night. The area is called Taksim and after taking a shower and checking in I immediately went out to explore the neighborhood. It was love at first sight and I instantly felt the joy of travelling coming up. Locals and tourist were strolling through the narrow and steep cobblestoned streets gasping at those youngsters sitting on the patio drinking their late night tea. Istanbul already stole my heart that first night!