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Avoid high roaming cost when you travel to Europe and buy a UK sim card for traveling in Europe when you arrive at Heathrow! This is the best way to stay in touch and it doesn’t have to cost much. In this guide for buying a sim card at London Heathrow I tell you where to buy a UK sim card and show you all the available options regardless which terminal you arrive.


London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on London accommodation just to enjoy some of the world’s best attractions. Consider staying at a cheap London Airbnb also a great option for long-term travelers or for people that travel to London with family or friends. On top of that if you have a kitchen you can safe money by preparing your own meals. Additionally, if your host is knowledgeable about the area, they can give you insider tips. Most of them leave you a file with some useful info and some secret London travel tips behind.


England is home to some of the biggest football teams in the world and six of the Premier League football teams have their home ground in London. Wembley Stadium is without doubt one of the most impressive and most important stadiums in football history. The historic World Cup final of 1966 was played here, when England became World Champion. But also the ‘greatest live performance in the history of rock’ by Queen during Live Aid 1985 took place at Wembley. 


In February 2019 I took a trip to London to find the best UK sim card for tourists. For those traveling to the UK and do not want to spend a lot of money on roaming costs: for about £20 you can already get 10GB data! When arriving at the London Airports: HeathrowGatwick, Stansted and Luton you might want to buy your UK sim card there. Click on your London Airport for a detailed guide.


Mid February 2019 I took a trip to London and ended up at three different airports. I already found out all the information for buying a sim card at London Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted Airport so when I ended up at London Luton Airport I also did a UK prepaid sim card comparison and found you the best UK sim card for your trip to London.


Recently I traveled to London and landed at London Heathrow Airport. There I already found out which UK sim card for tourists to buy and when I made it on my way out of London from Stansted Airport I did the same. Buying a European tourist sim card at London Stansted Airport is very straight forward and in this blog I will tell you where and which UK sim cards there are available.


When traveling to London from overseas Im sure you want to keep your fooks back home updated about your trip. To avoid crazy roaming costs I would strongly recommend you to buy a UK sim card at London Gatwick Airport. But after such a long flight you rather don’t go through all that hassle and just buy the best one available, right? In this blog about buying a UK sim card at London Gatwick Airport I will find the best sim card for you and tell you were to buy it.

To shock fellow travelers while traveling the world I always told them the same story: I have been to Bangkok 17 times, almost 10 times to Indonesia, 3 times to most countries in South America, Australia and numerous times in the States, but although I grew up 3 hours from Paris and 4 hours from London I never made it to those cities. Attending WTM in London ruined my story, although I still have never seen the Eiffel Tower! :)

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