Surprisingly Israel is NOT a cheap country! But luckily for you prepaid sim cards are cheap! So avoid high roaming cost when traveling to Israel and get yourself a local sim card with data. In this blog I will tell you everything about it: prices, where to buy one and even how to order a Israel sim card online.

It took me almost 3 years to travel to Israel again. My first Israel trip was in 2017 and my last one was in March 2021. I keep on coming back to enjoy the amazing hospitality.

Buying a local sim card is the first thing I do when getting to a new country and therefore I also looked for an Israel sim card at Ben Gurion Airport. Click on the link to read all about that, but I can already tell you that it is much more expensive than in Tel Aviv city.

Looking for an international sim card to travel around multiple countries then you might want to look into my article: 11 Best International Sim Cards in 2021 or Best Prepaid Sim Card for Asia.

pelephone israel sim card

Traveling the world continuously since December 2012 turned me into a professional travel blogger and Israel holds a special place in my heart in the more than 100 countries I have been to. My article with loads of tips for when you travel to Israel was my first big article on the Google charts and has now already been read over 200,000 times. You can also find a list of the best things to do in Israel and more reasons to travel to Israel.

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Buy your Israel prepaid sim card online

It can be very simple. Click here to order a sim card for Israel travel and get it shipped to your home address for free. What do you get?

  • 30 GB data + unlimited calls & sms in Israel + unlimited calls & sms to USA and Canada.

A sim card valid for 7 days costs $25, 10 days = $29, 14 days = $35, 21 days = $39, 30 days = $45 and many more. Click on the link above or the banner below for more info.

sim card for israel

Mobile internet operators Israel

Finding the best Israel sim card wasn’t an easy thing to do as there are 8 different mobile operators in Israel:

  • Partner (former Orange)
  • Cellcom
  • 019
  • Golan Telecom
  • HOT Mobile
  • Pelephone
  • 012 Mobile
  • Rami Levy

Apart from Rami Levy I found out the prices for a prepaid sim card for Israel per provider. Therefore I didn’t include Rami Levy in my research for the best Israel sim card.

Best mobile network in Israel in 2021

All the mobile internet providers have strong network coverage in all the tourist destinations in Israel. 019 and 012 Mobile operate on the network of Partner. Below you can see all the network coverage maps per mobile operator (source Important for 2021 is that there is already 5G available, but only really with Pelephone and Partner.

Golan Telecom Israel network coverage map

golan telecom israel network coverage 2021

Cellcom Israel network coverage map

cellcom israel network coverage 2021

HOT Mobile Israel network coverage map

hot mobile israel network coverage 2021

Pelephone Israel network coverage map

pelephone israel network coverage 2021

Partner Israel network coverage map

partner israel network coverage 2021

From the above network coverage maps we can clearly see that Golan Telecom has the smallest network and for people on a road trip this is not the best Israel prepaid sim card. Partner has the strongest network, but the others are not far behind. It seems like Pelephone has the best 5G network in Israel.

Remarkably Pelephone has no a small 4G+ network, but does offer a 5G network.

Where to buy an Israel sim card for tourists in 2021

Mobile phone shops are scattered around the city and buying an Israel sim card in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is pretty easy. Not only will you find loads of official stores, you can also find many mobile phone shops that sell Israel sim cards for tourists. Hitting a shopping mall is always a good idea when looking for a sim card.

sim card israel 4

Open Google Maps and search for mobile internet and you will see all the stores around you.

sim card israel cellcom

Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv

As I said before it is easy to buy a sim card at Tel Aviv Airport on arrival. There you will find a book store that sells Partner Israel sim cards as well as a 019 Mobile shop. Prices are significantly higher though and it is better to order an Israel sim card online and pick it up at Tel Aviv Airport.

sim card tel aviv airport

Eilat Airport

Are you flying directly into Eilat Airport then don’t worry. At Eilat Airport you can also buy a prepaid Israel sim card.

What to bring when buying an Israel sim card for tourists

Without a valid passport you are not able to buy an Israel sim card. A photocopy or a photo on your mobile is also enough.

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Prices prepaid sim card for Israel

Luckily most providers only have 1 or 2 Israel sim card for tourists available, which made my research much easier. All the bundles mentioned below are only for use in Israel, not abroad.

Pelephone Israel sim card

A prepaid Phelephone Israel sim card comes with free use of social media apps + unlimited calling & texting. They have the following data packages valid for 30 days.

  • 59 NIS ($18) = 70 GB data
  • 79 NIS ($24) = 80 GB data
  • 99 NIS ($30) = 100 GB data

pelephone israel sim card 2021

These are the most up to date prices as per March 2021. For more info have a look at the Pelephone Israel website.

Partner Israel sim card

Partner has the best network in Israel, but not the best prices for prepaid sim cards.

  • 100 NIS ($28) = 35 GB data + unlimited calls & sms - valid for 30 days.

The above deal is what you will find in phone shops in Tel Aviv, but on the Partner website the up to date deals are much worse. See below.

partner israel sim card 2021

Also the Partner website is for the most parts NOT in English and does NOT translate automatically into English either.

Golan Telecom Israel sim card

An Israel prepaid sim card of Golan Telecom costs 19 NIS + there is a connection fee of 30 NIS. That is a total extra costs of 49 NIS = $15. Therefore their prepaid packages are 

  • 29.90 NIS ($9) = 150 GB data + unlimited calls & sms - valid for 30 days.
  • 39.90 NIS ($12) = 250 GB data + unlimited calls & sms + 300 min international calls - valid for 30 days.
  • 49.90 NIS ($15) = 500 GB data + unlimited calls & sms - valid for 30 days.

golan telecom israel sim card 2021

These are the latest offers as of March 2021. The Golan Telecom website has the latest prepaid sim card packages.

HOT Mobile Israel sim card

  • 89 NIS ($27) = 50 GB data + unlimited calls to Israel/US/Canada - valid for 30 days.
  • 129 NIS ($39) = 100 GB data + unlimited calls & text to Israel/US/Canada - valid for 30 days.

hot mobile israel sim card 2021

These are the latest HOT Mobile offers as of March 2021, for the latest offers have a look at the HOT Mobile website.

Cellcom Israel sim card

  • 49,90 NIS ($15) = 500 GB data + 500 minutes & 5,000 sms - valid for 30 days.

Seems like a great prepaid sim card package, but unfortunately I could not find this on my trip to Israel in any of the stores. The above though is the latest package I found on the Cellcom website. Mind you that the website does NOT translate to English and it hardly impossible to figure the extra costs like activation costs and sim card fee.

019 Israel sim card

The 019 sim cards cost 20 NIS ($3) and they have much smaller data packages.

  • 19.80 NIS ($6) = 12 GB data + 5,000 calls & sms - valid for 30 days.
  • 21.90 NIS ($7) = 30 GB data + 5,000 calls & sms - valid for 30 days.

019 israel sim card 2021

For more info about the prepaid packages of 019 Israel, have a look at their website.

012 Mobile Israel sim card

I couldn't find any extra info about the sim card fee or the activation fee of 012 Mobile.

  • 29.90 NIS ($9) = 150 GB data + 5,000 calls & sms - valid for 30 days + 50 international minutes.
  • 49.90 NIS ($15) = 250 GB data + 5,000 calls & sms - valid for 30 days + 50 international minutes.

012 israel sim card 2021

It was hard to figure out if the above packages were post paid plans or prepaid plans to be honest. The 012 Mobile website was not much of help either.

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Best Israel sim card for tourists in 2021

As you can see all the above prepid sim cards for Israel are CHEAP and you can basically get UNLIMITED DATA for just a couple dollar. There is fierce competition and there is NOT that much difference between the mobile internet providers in Israel.

I would recommend the following: Pelephone is the best prepaid sim card in Israel in 2021.

They have an amazing network coverage and offer 70 GB and unlimited calls and sms in Israel for just 59 NIS = $18.

Buy an Israel sim card online

Remember that you can also oder your Israel sim online and get it shipped to your home before your trip for FREE! Prices are also really competitive and you don’t need to get in line when arriving in Israel.

  • 30 GB data + unlimited calls & sms in Israel + unlimited calls & sms to USA and Canada.

Valid for 7 days = $25, 10 days = $29, 14 days = $35, 21 days = $39, 30 days = $45. Click on the link above or the banner below to order or for more information.

sim card for israel

I hope all the above tips for getting a sim card for Israel were helpful. Personally I bought a HOT Mobile sim card and had no problems at all traveling through Israel. Always enjoyed a fast internet connection. They were just the first store that I stumbled upon and they offered a mountain of Gigabytes for just $20.

hot mobile israel sim card

Looking for some vital Israel travel tips then click in the link. While traveling in Israel I went on some pretty cool adventures: hot air ballooning, ATV riding through the desert and many more things. See my list of 32 unique things to do in Israel!

Click on the links for more info about sim cards for international travel or the best sim card for Asia. In my article I will explain when it is better to buy a local sim card instead of an international sim card.

May you still have questions please leave me a comment, I am happy to help you out with any questions about buying a sim card in Israel as well as travel tips for Israel.

Enjoy your trip to Israel!

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