Ready to travel to Saudi Arabia? I am happy and excited for you as Jeddah, Mecca and Medina are magical places to discover. Let me help you buying a local prepaid sim card for Saudi Arabia so you can stay connected on your journey and share the beautiful moments with your friends back home. This is a complete guide for getting a sim card at Jeddah Airport on arrival with up to date prices as per July 2022, where to buy a sim card, my recommendations, a vlog about my experiences and even information about international and e-sim cards for Saudi Arabia.

As part of my journey to visit every country in the world I get to a lot of different countries and airports and that is how I already wrote more than 150 local prepaid sim card guides for tourists in places like: Dubai, Europe, Paris, Rome, London, Cairo, Istanbul, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Malaysia, etc.

Find on my blog also an extensive guide for the best prepaid sim card in Saudi Arabia in 2022 in case you missed buying one at Jeddah Airport. Flying to Riyadh or Medina? Click on the links for a complete guide for these places.

Why buying a Saudi Arabia sim card

buying saudi arabia sim card jeddah airport

Traveling with a working data connection on your phone is simply much more convenient. Think about Google Maps directions, taxi apps, etc. on top of staying in touch with friends and family back home. Don’t rely on WiFi as it might be slow or not working at all. Also a reminder that surfing the web on public WiFi is through an UNSECURED connection. The use of a VPN is recommended in these cases.

My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends an STC sim card for Saudi Arabia. They have the most competitive prices as well as the most extensive network. For 86 SAR ($23 USD) you get 20 GB data and 500 minutes. Not a bad prepaid sim card deal, right?

Traveltomtom does also recommend travel sim cards with international coverage that cover Saudi Arabia. These sim cards can be ordered online and will be shipped to your home address. Click on the link above for a complete comparison and review of all the global sim cards and choose the one that fits your trip.

E-sim cards for Saudi Arabia

Even better and easier? Get yourself an e-sim card for Saudi Arabia! No more visiting a shop and swapping a physical sim card. Just order a Saudi Arabia e-sim card online, receive a code, apply some settings and you are all set.

  • $6.50 = 1 GB data for 7 days
  • $18 = 3 GB data for 30 days

Click here to order the above e-sim card deals for Saudi Arabia directly online or find more info. With an e-sim card you keep your own phone number from home.

Where to buy a sim card at Jeddah Airport

As I mentioned before buying a sim card for Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Airport is super easy. It is impossible to miss the mobile internet operator shops. As soon as you walk out into the Arrival Hall at Jeddah International Airport you will see 3 kiosks all next to each other right in front of you: STC, Zain and Mobily, which are the 3 main mobile internet providers in Saudi Arabia.

In the following Jeddah Airport sim card vlog you can exactly see where to go.

Prices prepaid sim cards Jeddah Airport

When writing and researching my article for the best prepaid sim card in Saudi Arabia I checked out the prices for tourist sim cards at several malls across Jeddah and Riyadh and found out that the Saudi Arabia sim card deals at the airports are the exact same as in stores around the country.

Zain prepaid sim card

zain saudi arabia sim card jeddah airport

The Zain guy was a bit weird in willing to show me all the available prepaid sim card packages and he wasn’t particularly helpful, but at least I got to know his best offer:

  • 80 SAR = 20 GB data + 500 minutes - $21 USD

Mobily prepaid sim card

mobily saudi arabia sim card jeddah airport

At the Mobily kiosk they tried selling me the sim card deal for 131.5 SAR ($35), but they also have a cheaper option available. Thanks at least for displaying all the available options. Here are all the Mobily prepaid sim card deals for Saudi Arabia, valid for 4 weeks:

  • 95.00 SAR = 5 GB data + 5 GB social media apps + 500 minutes - $25
  • 131.50 SAR = 25 GB data + 25 GB social media apps + 1,500 minutes - $35
  • 177.50 SAR = 50 GB data + unlimited social media apps + 2,250 minutes - $47
  • 212.00 SAR = 70 GB data + unlimited social media apps + unlimited minutes - $57
  • 258.00 SAR = 100 GB data + unlimited social media apps + unlimited minutes - $69
  • 400.00 SAR = Everything UNLIMITED - $107

As you can see, the cheapest Mobily prepaid sim card deal gives you much less value for money than a Zain prepaid sim card.

STC prepaid sim card

Unfortunately STC neither displays their prepaid sim card packages, so I had to ask the guy and he told me the following:

  • 86 SAR = 10 GB data + 10 GB social media apps + 500 minutes - $23

STC Saudi Arabia has many more packages with more data, but of course also more expensive.

Best Saudi Arabia sim card at Jeddah Airport

Based on the above prices we can easily conclude that a Mobily sim card for Saudi Arabia is the most expensive or gives you the least value for money and Zain the cheapest option.

However, the STC prepaid sim card prices are very similar and because STC has the biggest and most extensive 4G/5G mobile network in Saudi Arabia I regard them as the best prepaid sim card in Saudi Arabia for tourists in 2022.

For more info on the mobile internet network coverage including 4G/5G coverage maps check out my article for buying a sim card in Saudi Arabia.

Buying a Saudi Arabia sim card online 

If buying a sim card at Jeddah Airport sounds like too much hassle then you can make it easy for yourself by ordering a sim card for Saudi Arabia online and get it shipped to your home address before your trip to Jeddah. Check out the following Saudi Arabia sim card deals:

  • True Move = 6 GB data for 15 days —> $39.90
  • Orange = 10 GB data for 14 days —> $49.90

Calls and sms are not included in the above sim card deals. These sim cards are pre-activated and automatically activated from their first use. It is simply plug and play. Click here to directly order one of the above prepaid sim card deals for Saudi Arabia.

Also another reminder that you can also arrange everything directly online by ordering an e-sim card for Saudi Arabia.

My experience buying a sim card at Jeddah Airport

In my vlog you have probably already seen how easy it is to get a local prepaid sim card for Saudi Arabia. Walking out of the terminal and walking directly into the mobile internet stores made it super easy. A couple minutes after I put my new STC Saudi Arabia sim card in my phone I was online. You get a welcome message displaying your mobile number.

stc saudi arabia remaing balance

What I found very convenient is that STC would regularly send me text messages with a link to check my remaining balance. Although the message is in Arabic, you only have to click on the link in the message and it takes you to your profile on the STC website without the need to login with a password.

During my almost 2 weeks traveling in Saudi Arabia I had a 5G connection pretty much everywhere. During the high speed train ride from Jeddah to Medina there was mostly a phone signal. However sometimes it was 3G or 4G. Still pretty impressive phone reception though.

I hope all the above tips for buying a sim card for Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Airport were helpful. Please leave me a comment if you still have questions and I will try to help you out.

Looking for some Saudi Arabia travel inspiration and tips? Go check out my Instagram account @traveltomtom and follow my road to visit every country in the world. On my YouTube channel you will also find a video about how to travel by high speed train from Jeddah to Medina. As of July 2022 I have visited more than 135 countries around the world.

Rest me to wish you the most amazing trip to Jeddah!

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