rYou can’t visit Dubai without doing a desert safari. It’s simply a must do when travelling to Dubai. There are many tour operators offering these safaris, so it can be hard to pick the best one. Luckily we have already done that work for you. Traveltomtom went on a desert safari in Dubai with Platinum Heritage, and we will explain why we think they are your best pick and what their Dubai desert safaris are like.

About Platinum Heritage

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Their mission is to conserve the natural environment, wildlife and culture of Dubai and its people. Sustainable travel is a top priority with Platinum Heritage, in fact, they are the only Ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai. Enough reason to choose them already.

Platinum Heritage is the only desert safari company that operates on a Royal Family member’s private property. I mean, how cool is that? You get to cruise over the Royal Family’s private land.

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At Platinum Heritage it is all about authenticity, it’s in their core. Every day they are perfecting every detail of their desert safaris, as that is fundamental to their success. Platinum Heritage ensures that their desert safaris embrace the great land’s culture, history and environment. For doing so they have been awarded the prestigious World Travel Award for the Middle East’s Leading Desert Safari Company, for six years in a row now. On top of that TripAdvisor has awarded them as one of the top 10% businesses worldwide from 2012 – 2021.

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I would say, plenty of reasons why Platinum Heritage is a good choice when looking for a desert safari tour in Dubai.

Explore safaris

Platinum Heritage offers a range of desert safaris, created to suit different types of travelers. Looking for adventure, an escape into Dubai’s nature, a traditional encounter with Bedouin or a luxurious journey through the sand dunes, Platinum Heritage offers it all, just pick your experience!

Heritage Collection

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Looking for that traditional and authentic desert safari? Take a look at the Heritage Collection Safaris Platinum Heritage offers. This collection safaris is ideal for guests seeking an authentic and unique experience. Platinum Heritage has a private fleet of museum-quality 1950’s Land Rovers, that ensure a desert experience like never before. The camps are built out of natural wood and stone, and the Emirati cuisine is prepared using traditional methods, which you can actually see for yourself once you’re at the camp. Keep reading, because we will tell you more on the Heritage Safari as Traveltomtom joined Platinum Heritage on one of these safaris.

Platinum Collection

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Looking for a more exclusive and luxury desert safari? Then you should probably take a look at the Platinum Collection Safaris. Offering a range of luxurious desert safaris for discerning travelers who expect nothing but the highest level of service and attention down to the last detail.

Overland Collection

Dubai is more than just desert, and if you want to explore Dubai’s first mountain, lake and desert safari, then the Overland Collection is your pick. From Dubai’s spectacular coastline to the majestic otherworldly Hajar mountains. It’s all about discovering hidden gems.

Heritage Safari 

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We joined Platinum Heritage on their Heritage Safari. Curious how an afternoon would be when booking the Heritage Safari?

Your journey starts in the afternoon, sometime between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm, you’ll be informed on the exact pick-up time around noon on the day of your desert safari. We had a private pick up in a 70’s Land Rover, which you can choose when booking your experience, and that was actually pretty cool.

The driver that picks you up from your hotel is also your dedicated guide for the rest of the evening. Once you arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you receive an adventure pack.

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This adventure pack includes a headscarf, stainless steel water bottle and a bag. These are included in each booking, and a gift and souvenir to take home with you. Your guide will help you with the scarf, and once you’re all set, you will embark on a 60 minute nature safari.

You can choose between a Vintage Land Rover, Camel Caravan or Classic Defender when you make your booking.

platinum heritage LandRover Safari

We went into the desert in a Vintage Land Rover, which is totally awesome and highly recommended!

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We were extremely lucky with our guide, Ruan. He’s from South Africa and used to be a safari guide there. He now guides guests through the Dubai Desert, but you can see he is a nature freak. He was constantly looking for fresh animal tracks, and thanks to that we spotted some wild gazelles, simply perfect!

platinum heritage Gazelle

After the whole experience he even went scorpion hunting with us, unfortunately without any luck, but a unique experience!

There are a few photo stops during the nature safari, and make sure to keep an eye out for their drone, as they use it to make some amazing photos and videos of you driving the desert dunes.

After the nature safari you’re being brought to the next stop, where you’re offered some juices or teas. Try to come in early here and try to pick the front seats. As you’re about to witness an awesome falcon show and demonstration.

platinum heritage Falconry

Best thing about it? You see the sun set in the most Arabian backdrop you could imagine.

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Don’t forget to take your photo moment with the falcon, before your guide takes you to the authentic torch-lit Bedouin Camp, where you will spend the rest of the evening.

platinum heritage Bedouin Camp

You are welcomed with a hot Arabic coffee and dates, and are guided to your table. The Platinum Heritage crew is already busy preparing your meal, so go and have a look, and witness some live bread making and coffee making.

platinum heritage Camels

Or have a camel ride, get some henna tattoos or take a shisha while waiting for the dinner to be served.

Once dinner is ready you are served an amazing four course traditional dinner. It starts with a delicious lentil soup and fresh made bread. After that you’re served a variety of starters. The main course has something for everyone, but surely don’t forget to try the camel meat, you have to! Dessert is assorted seasonal fresh fruit platters and Luqaimat, which are small Arabic style donuts, very nice!

Relax at the camp, enjoy being in the desert while you wait for the final part of the experience, interactive Emirati performances like drumming. It’s the perfect end to a perfect afternoon. Towards the end of the evening your guide will come to you with photos and videos taken during the day. You can purchase these if you like.

After this your guide will bring you back to your hotel where you will arrive between 9.30PM and 11.30PM, depending on the season.

Our total experience lasted about seven hours in total, and believe me, it never gets boring!

Overnight Safari

You can extend your desert experience by staying overnight in a traditional Arabic stone dwelling room. You will be provided with all the amenities like a comfortable bed, pillows, sheets and a peaceful night’s sleep. A gourmet breakfast will be waiting for you the next morning.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She experienced an afternoon desert safari with Platinum Heritage on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her experiences. Traveltomtom himself did the overnight safari in the past and stayed one night in the desert with Platinum Heritage.

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Out of all the things to do in Dubai the overnight safari is specially recommended. Staying overnight in the desert is just magical. There are only a handful of rooms and when I stayed overnight there were only 4 other people spending a night in the desert. We gathered around a bonfire, shared travel stories, tried marshmallows, drank tea, ate dates and even went out exploring the desert at night searching for scorpions.

We all woke up early for our hot air balloon ride, but unfortunately the weather was not permitting due to very strong winds. We were informed already about this the night before, but there was still a very small chance. Instead we went for a short early morning sunrise hike which was incredible as well.

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dubai desert safari breakfast

When we got back we were served a delicious breakfast with smoked salmon, poached eggs, fresh fruits, etc. Due to the weather it was served inside, instead of a beautiful set up in the desert.

rooms overnight desert safari platinum heritage

The rooms are pretty awesome with carpets on the ground and on the walls and thick blankets on the bed as temperatures especially in winter go down a lot in the desert. There are no-ensuite rooms, but the shared bathroom is in a clean separate little building just 20 meter walk around the corner.

Hot Air Balloon

If you are looking for some unique things to do in Dubai then you can also book a hot air balloon ride with Platinum Heritage. Go all the way and experience the most spectacular sunrise in a hot air balloon flight. It will require a very early start to the day, but after the flight you will return to the camp to enjoy a delicious breakfast before returning to the busy city. You can also book this tour separately from all the others and leave around 04:00 am from Dubai.

We highly recommend Platinum Heritage and their desert safaris and other Dubai activities. They offer truly unique experiences and memories that will last. There are many other companies in Dubai that offer desert safaris. Platinum Heritage keeps it authentic and that’s exactly what we were looking for. If you have your mind set for some dune bashing, then Platinum Heritage is not your right pick.

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A special thank you to our guide Ruan for giving us the best possible experience. Are you travelling to Dubai soon? Start booking your Platinum Heritage experience!

May you have any questions please leave us a comment and we will try to help you out with everything travel Dubai related!