As a traveler, the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac has been on my bucket list of places I have always wanted to stay at least once. When I started planning my most recent trip through the Eastern parts of Canada and the USA, Quebec obviously had to be one of my stops. So this year I was finally able to stay at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, truly a dream come true! The Château Frontenac is so much more than just a hotel, it is an icon of the city of Quebec. Keep reading if you want to find out everything about this fairytale castle hotel.

About Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac

The Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac has 610 rooms in total, spread over 18 floors. How extraordinary was that back in 1893, when Chateau Frontenac opened its doors to the public, offering 170 rooms.

Over the years, the hotel has seen many expansion projects to finally become the hotel as we now know it.

lobby fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

In 2014, Chateau Frontenac invested 75 million dollars for a major revitalization and modernization of the hotel. This renovation project of Quebec’s iconic landmark has strengthened its positioning amongst the best hotels in the world.

Fun Fact: Old rooftops, which are being replaced during these renovations, are given to local artists. It’s given to them to make art out of them. Some of these art pieces are on display in the hotel.

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Fairmont Gold

Fairmont Gold is a luxury boutique hotel within the Chateau Frontenac itself really. The six floors provide an extraordinary view on the city and the St. Lawrence river. The six story Fairmont Gold offers 70 rooms and suites and an impressive range of personalized services. There’s even a private lounge with complimentary continental breakfast and canapes service during the cocktail hour.

Location Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac

The location of this amazing hotel is unique, it is located within the walls of Old Quebec and right in the middle of Old Quebec town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing tall over Cap Diamant, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River and the old fortified city. From the Chateau Frontenac you also overlook the harbour, where cruise ships come in on a daily base. It is the most iconic building in Quebec.

Quebec Conferences in 1943 & 1944

A very important moment in history, especially for us Europeans, are the Quebec Conferences in 1943 and 1944. The meetings were dominated by British Prime Minister Churchill and President of the United States Roosevelt. During these conferences President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill planned the Normandy invasion and the European pre-war construction.

salon rose fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

These conferences were held at the Chateau Frontenac. Salon Rose is the exact place of these Quebec Conferences, and a special room in this hotel.

Deluxe King City View Room Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

I was given a Deluxe King City View room. The many windows in my room offered me views of both the harbour, the river and the old town of Quebec. These views never get boring, every time you walk into your room, you just have to take them in.

view from room fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

Walking into the bathroom the toiletries immediately caught my eye. I had never seen this before, but the toiletries here are personalized with your name. My body wash, shampoo and conditioner said Ms. Ashley Pulcini, so cool!

The room has a large mini bar with everything you can wish for. But be aware, it is charged to your room automatically as soon as you take something out.

I checked in just after noon, my room wasn’t ready for me at that time. I could leave my luggage with the bell man and would receive a text message as soon as my room was ready. Unfortunately, I never received that SMS, which I blame to my Dutch number, but I like the service they offered.

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Facilities Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

Wifi Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

The rooms are equipped with a desk, and awesome views from your desk, so designed to work in your room. Unfortunately, in-room Wi-Fi is a paid service at this Fairmont hotel, which is something I find strange, especially in such a high-end hotel as the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac.

Pool & Fitness Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

There is a nice pool located in the hotel. They even have an on-duty lifeguard, who hands out towels upon arrival at the pool. He keeps an eye out to make sure everyone is safe. There is complimentary water and fruit available for your convenience.

Next to the pool there is also a 24h fitness area equipped with TechnoGym equipment, and Moment Spa for treatments and beauty products.

Valet parking

Being located right in the middle of Old Quebec, parking can be an issue. The Chateau Frontenac offers valet parking to its guests, for an additional 40 dollars per night. As I didn’t want any hassle parking my car, I chose to use their valet services. When I got my car back after checking out, they even provided me with some bottles of water, to get me going on the road!

Bars & restaurants Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

Place Dufferin

With three restaurants and a bar, Chateau Frontenac offers several dining options, for every budget.
You will start your day with breakfast at the Place Dufferin. They offer a wide range of buffet breakfast and breakfast from the menu, it’s your choice! The service during breakfast is very personal, providing you with tea and coffee and even refilling your juice, I like it! Be aware however that breakfast is usually not included at Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

bistro le sam fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec 3

Bistro Le Sam

Looking for a cozy atmosphere with bistro cuisine dishes? Then Bistro le Sam is your place to go for some lovely meals, while overlooking the river.

bistro le sam fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec 4

Champlain Restaurant

If you’re looking for something more chique and stylish, have a look at the Champlain Restaurant. The restaurant is named after Quebec’s founder Samuel de Champlain. They offer a more refined cuisine, and fair to say, it is a bit more expensive than Bistro le Sam.

restaurant le champlain fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

The Champlain restaurant even has its own cheese room, with only local cheeses, which they mature right here in this room.

Bar 1608

Finally Bar 1608 is worth a mention in this Fairmont Chateau Frontenac blog. This bar is named after the year Quebec was founded. This bar is a must see in Quebec. Try one of their famous cocktails while you take in the beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.

bar1608 fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

All restaurants at Chateau Frontenac work with local producers, in fact, 85 percent of all ingredients come from locals.

Château Boréal, Fairmonts Green initiative

The Chateau Frontenac has launched a wonderful new and green initiative called Château Boréal. As a guest you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment. What do you need to do?

Upon check in, notify the staff and let them know that you’re interested in this program and want to participate in by foregoing the daily servicing of your room. By skipping the daily housekeeping visits, and re-using sheets and towels, you will reduce water and energy consumption.

A certificate of commitment will be delivered upon check-out, including the number of trees planted in your name.

Obviously, I think this is a great initiative of the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, and when I read about it on their website, I immediately made up my mind that I wanted to participate in this program. So, I skipped the daily housekeeping services and had one tree planted in my name in the Montmorency Forest. More than 4900 trees have been planted since 2016, I just think that’s so cool!

This new initiative is hardly, or not at all communicated throughout the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, which I think is a pity. I really think the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac should promote this much more, so that more people skip the daily cleaning services and towel renewal, and more trees are planted!

Something else I really liked about this hotel are the beehives and herb gardens they have on their own rooftop. That’s right, a lot of the herbs they use for their dishes come straight from their rooftop. They even make their own rooftop honey, straight from the beehives to the breakfast table. They have four beehives on their rooftop, welcoming 70.000 bees and producing up to 650 pounds of honey each year.

Guided tours of Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac

Whether you’re a guest staying at the hotel, or a just a visitor, and wanting to see more of the amazing Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, this is your way to go. They offer guided tours in and around Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. During this tour you’ll go ‘behind the scenes’ and will discover the famous people and historical events that have shaped the identity of Chateau Frontenac. One of the rooms you get to see during this tour is Salon Rose, where the Quebec Conferences of 1943 and 1944 took place.
Rates vary and depend on age and whether you’re a client from outside or an in-house guest. They run several times a day, check with concierge for more information and the schedule. It is a fun way to learn more about this amazing hotel and its rich history.

Staying at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world was one thing I had on my bucketlist for a long time, and it was worth it every minute of my stay.

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The Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is a famous and popular place, so unlike other Quebec hotels, this hotel gets very crowded with people who want to see this unique place from the inside. You’ll see a lot of tourists walking through the main parts of the hotel. Their main lobby area is a very busy part of the hotel. There are also several shops located in this area, which obviously also attract many tourists and visitors. There is even a Starbucks located within the hotel, so if you want a coffee, you don’t have to go far!

If you ever get the chance to stay at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, or if you have a few spare bucks you want to spend for some unforgettable days in Quebec, then go for it! I promise you won’t regret it, and you’ll leave the place just as excited as I did.

bar bistro le sam fairmont le chateau frontenac quebec

If my travels ever lead me back to Quebec, I’ll be sure to stay at the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac again, an experience and memory for a lifetime!

Got excited about this Quebec hotel? Check their rates here and start booking!

Travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley stayed at the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac, while travelling through Canada, on behalf of Traveltomtom and wrote this review about her stay there.