Traveling to New York soon and looking for the best way to stay connected in the USA? This is your complete guide for buying a sim card at Newark International Airport in New Jersey with up to date prices as per June 2022, where to buy a sim card, my recommendation and even info about international and e-sim cards for the USA.

Don’t get stuck with high roaming charges on your trip to New York City. A local prepaid sim card for the USA is the cheapest way to avoid this. But staying connected has many more advantages, like ordering an Uber on the streets of New York, finding nearby coffee places, restaurants, bars. Getting directions from Google Maps, use data to find the metro back to your hotel, emergencies, bank transactions, etc. 

There are many reasons to stay connected when traveling abroad. Buying a USA sim card at Newark Airport is easy and done fast, but is it worth it! Let me help you…

Buying a local prepaid sim card is the first thing I do when traveling to a new country and as Traveltomtom is on a journey to visit every country in the world you can find almost 200 sim card guides on Traveltomtom from all over the world: Paris, Rome, Dublin, Madrid, TorontoJohannesburg, Panama City, Nairobi, Istanbul, Cairo, Jeddah, Dubai and many more.

Of course you can also find an extensive article with everything you need to know when buying a prepaid sim card in the USA!

My recommendation

Traveltomtom does NOT recommend buying a prepaid USA sim card at Newark Airport. Why not? Ridiculously overpriced! However, if you really want to get connected straight away the cheapest option is a ‘Travel SIM’ sim card from the sim card vending machine in the arrival hall.

When buying a prepaid sim card in New York City at any AT&T or T-Mobile store you will save at least $30 USD compared to Newark Airport.

Traveltomtom also recommends international sim cards for the USA as they are cheaper than the sim cards sold at Newark Airport. Check out my article with a comparison of the best travel sim cards for 2022 and find the one that suits your trip to New York. Another great alternative is an e-sim card for the USA.

E-sim cards for the USA

No more visiting a phone shop and no more swapping physical sim cards! Get an e-sim card for your trip to New York, right here, right now. You order an e-sim online, receive a code in your email, follow the instructions, change some settings and you are all done.

E-sim cards are the easiest way to stay connected when traveling abroad in 2022! Check out the following e-sim card deals for the USA:

  • $4.5 = 1 GB data for 7 days
  • $11 = 3 GB data for 30 days
  • $16 = 5 GB data for 30 days
  • $26 = 10 GB data for 30 days

Click here to order one of the above USA e-sim cards directly or find more info about it.

EWR - Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark International Airport is a great hub for visiting New York City. When landing in New Jersey you can already see the magnificent skyline of Manhattan and New York City. Times Square is only a 20 minute taxi ride aways from Newark Liberty International (EWR) Airport.

All international flights arrive at Terminal B and there is only one exit door. Navigating Newark Airport Terminal B is very easy. There is free WiFi at Newark Airport for all passengers arriving and departing.

Where to buy a sim card at Newark Airport

where to buy a sim card at newark airport

It is very simple, as soon as you enter the door into the arrival hall and walk down the hallway, you will see a Sims on the GO shop on your right hand side, it is impossible to miss. There is only 1 shop and nothing else in the wide open hallway.

sim card newark airport

Another option for buying a sim card at Newark Airport is a sim card vending machine. You can find this sim card machine if you turn right under the big flag of the Unites States of America. Then it is just 30 meters straight in front of you next to the toilets.

To make it even easier, you can watch my vlog about buying a sim card at Newark Airport.

Prices prepaid USA sim cards at Newark Airport

Don’ expect to find the best USA prepaid sim card deals at Newark Airport. In fact that doesn’t only count for Newark Airport but basically for all airports around the United States.

Sims on the Go

usa prepaid sim cards newark airport

Buying a prepaid sim card at Newark Airport costs $25 USD + tax in the Sims on the Go shop. This is just for the sim card and there is no credit included. Then on top you can buy one of the additional prepaid sim card data packages as shown in the picture above. All plans have unlimited calling and texting within the USA included.

T-Mobile prepaid sim cards

  • 2 GB data = $35 USD
  • 4 GB data = $45 USD
  • 6 GB data = $55 USD
  • 10 GB data = $60 USD
  • Unlimited data = $75 USD 

AT&T prepaid sim cards

  • 1 GB data = $35 USD
  • 15 GB data = $50 USD
  • Unlimited data = $65 USD

As I mentioned before a prepaid sim card for the USA is expensive at Newark International Airport!

Sim card vending machine

sim card vending machine newark airport

When buying a USA sim card at the vending machine, you will have to activate the sim card yourself, there is no additional service. Meaning it is only adviced for those who know what they are doing.

You can find the following USA prepaid sim card deals at the vending machine:

  • Travel SIM = $20 USD and comes with $10 credit

You will have to go online to the Travel SIM website and activate a data packages and/or a package for calling/texting. Starting price: 1 GB data = $19 USD.

  • Unlimited Data* Talk & Text

Don’t get fooled by the name, the unlimited data just means that if you use your bundle, you will get unlimited data at E network speed. Meaning barely enough to even use WhatsApp or receiving emails.

There are 3 different packages available: for $60 you get 2 GB data, for $80 you get 5 GB data and for $100 you get unlimited 4G speed data.

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Best prepaid USA sim card at Newark Airport in 2022

Well, someone has to win this award but based on the prices it is very clear that ‘Travel SIM’ is the cheapest prepaid sim card at Newark International Airport in 2022. For $29 you get 1 GB data.

However, you will have to do the registration yourself and go online to their website to sign up, create a profile, add extra credit with your credit card and then activate a data package. Calling & texting is extra.

I am sure this all sounds like way too much work and I totally agree! Therefore in the beginning of this article I already came with my conclusion that buying a sim card at Newark Airport is NOT recommended.

Buy a sim card for USA online

There are also international sim cards for the USA and some of them are definitely worth mentioning. These sim cards are pre-activated and will be sent to your home address before your trip to the USA. Check out the following international sim card deals with coverage in the USA:

  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $29.90 USD
  • 12 GB data for 30 days = $39.90 USD
  • 12 GB data for 1 year = $59.90 USD
  • 24 GB data for 2 years = $79.90 USD

Click here to order any of the above international sim cards for traveling in the USA directly online and find more info.

Another reminder that you can also order an e-sim card for the USA directly online. You fix it all within a couple minutes and you keep your own phone number.

My experience buying a sim card at Newark International Airport

buying a usa prepaid sim card newark airport

As you can guess already I did NOT buy a sim card at Newark Airport. From my article about the best prepaid sim card for the USA in 2022 I knew the prices offered for USA sim cards in New York city center. However, on arrival I actually used the free WiFi of Newark Airport to get myself an e-sim card for the USA. It only takes a couple minutes and 3 GB data for just $11. There is good and fast free WiFi in most places in New York and I was only staying for 5 days anyway. 

I hope all the above tips for buying a USA tourist sim card at Newark International Airport were helpful for your upcoming trip to New York. May you have any questions regarding USA sim cards or traveling to New York City in general please leave me a comment below.

Enjoy your trip to New York!

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