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Brazil is both adorned with natural beauty and filled with alighted cityscape—and not just in Rio de Janeiro. With over 2,000 beaches along the Eastern coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon to the East, and thousands of miles of diverse ecosystems in between, one of the largest countries in the world by landmass can offer endless amounts of exploration opportunities. And now, assisted by a new tourism initiative by the Brazilian government, arriving there, as well as staying there for a comfortably long time, is easier than ever.


During the World Cup Football 2014 I traveled through Brazil, which was one of the best experiences in life. Affordable accommodation was hard to find, definitely in the cities the matches were played. Following Holland I ended up in Fortaleza to see them play Mexico. All I knew about Fortaleza was that it was served by direct flights from Europe and therefore probably was a popular beach destination. The kilometers long boulevard and the high-rise hotels along this stretch were an example of the mass tourism. The city center of Fortaleza was not really appealing, though the beach was definitely worth a visit. Some really popular with locals, some hosted trendy beach clubs with live music. Although mass tourism conquered this city, There a many reasons to visit this region!