One year after my short group trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights I finally hosted another group trip. This time no snow and cold weather but the opposite, only sunshine and warm temperatures.

Namibia was the perfect destination to travel to during the pandemic. A bunch of cool people that had never met before were super excited to discover a new country. No one had been to Namibia before and for many it was their first visit to Africa.

Everyone was already having the same approach towards covid, otherwise they would not have traveled all the way to Namibia when every government is trying to make traveling super difficult. So during our trip which lasted more than 10 days, the word covid was hardly spoken and it felt great to live in a little bubble like nothing ever happened.

The first arrivals came a day earlier and in a small group we checked out some of the best things to do in Windhoek, like the walking tour, the mall, a museum and we ended up getting our hair braided. I couldn’t stay behind.

We weren’t even complete but you could feel a strong connection already and we didn’t even started.

Unfortunately not everyone arrived in time, but we had no choice to start the tour. Sadly one of the group members missed her flight in Johannesburg and arrived in Windhoek a couple hours after the tour left. Luckily she managed to catch up right in time to join us before entering Etosha National Park.

We all stayed at Chameleon Backpackers in Windhoek the first nights and that is also were the group trip started from. Chameleon Backpackers and Safaris was a great partner in organizing my Namibia group trip.

May you decide to travel to Namibia on your own and are looking for cool tours around the country and can’t recommend them enough!

Best thing is that Traveltomtom readers get a discount code which they can use for their bookings. So if you are planning to book a tour with Chameleon Safaris send me a message on Instagram, and I give you a discount code or inquire directly at Chameleon Safaris and tell them you are coming through Traveltomtom.

Our Namibia group trip tour had almost the same itinerary that matched my first trip to Namibia in 2017. I wrote a blog post on how to visit the best places to see in Namibia, check out this 7-day itinerary for Namibia.

Our itinerary this time was as follow:

  • Day 1: Windhoek
  • Day 2: Etosha National Park
  • Day 3: Etosha National Park
  • Day 4: Spitzkoppe
  • Day 5: Swakopmund
  • Day 6: Sossusvlei
  • Day 7: Sossusvlei
  • Day 8: Windhoek*
  • Day 9: Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

*Due to Covid tests we had to make an extra stop in Windhoek on day 8.

In the following video you can see all of our adventures traveling in Namibia.

First I want to thank every single group member for having faith in me organizing a group trip and putting together an interesting itinerary that made you visit some of the best places to see in Namibia.

We all met as strangers, but left as friends for life! From the moment we met there was a click and that was because everyone joined with an open mind, ready to make new friends and sharing the same passion… traveling the world!

Thank you for becoming my friends and I hope to see you all again soon!