• 11 Things to do on a City Trip to Bremen

    When people think about a city trip in Germany, most of them will come up with Cologne, Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. But Germany has more to offer and one of her hidden gems is the city of Bremen. During my stay I had the feeling that most tourists haven't discovered Bremen yet, which makes it the perfect get away for a city trip in Northern Germany. Therefore I came up with the idea of writing a travel blog about visiting Bremen showing you the best places to visit, things to do and more travel tips to get you started.

  • Best eSIM for Traveling to Germany in 2024

    Are you planning to travel to Germany and looking to stay connected with an e-sim card? This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about using an e-sim card for traveling to Germany including a comparison of the best Germany e-sim cards for 2024.

    Don't waste money on high roaming charges, read my recommendation and order an e-sim card for Germany on the internet and get connected in just a couple minutes. Below you will find up to date prices as per July 2024, including all specifications per e-sim card including info about EU data roaming.

  • Road trip from Amsterdam to Bremen, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö by bus

    Let me take you on a journey around the Northern countries in Europe. Traveling by bus is much more sustainable than by plane and you will be able to explore much more cities in one trip and if you book in advanced it is really cheap too. I traveled by bus from Amsterdam to Bremen and Hamburg in Germany and continued my road trip by bus to Copenhagen in Denmark and ended up taking a train to Malmö, Sweden. Keep reading how I did it, how much it costs and find all my travel tips for these cities.