• 19 Best Places To Visit in Turkey in 2024

    After more than 20 trips to Turkey I finally put together this a list of the most amazing places to see in Turkey. In this travel blog you you can expect quaint mountain villages, a UNESCO World Heritage city for food, unique landscapes, beautiful mosques, ancient Greek ruins, beach destinations and the unmistakably Turkey tourist destinations: Cappadocia, Pamukkale and the mesmerizing capital Istanbul.

  • 25 Best Things To Do In Bursa in 2024

    Fortunately I was able to visit Bursa a couple times and I always try to included it in my itinerary for my Turkey trip. It is easy to travel to Bursa as it is not far from Istanbul and a little 2 hour road trip will already get you there. There is even a direct boat from Istanbul to Bursa if you are up for an adventure.

    In total I already made 4 trips to Bursa over the last years and that is how I got to know everything about the city and the best things to do in Bursa. In this blog you will find specific travel tips for Bursa, the best tourists attractions, day trips and some cool ideas for your next trip to Bursa.

  • Best eSIM for Traveling to Turkey in 2024

    Are you planning to travel to Turkey and about to order an eSIM card? This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about using an eSIM card for traveling to Turkey including a comparison of the best Turkey eSIM cards for 2024. 

    Don’t waste money on high roaming charges, read my recommendation and order an eSIM card for Turkey on the internet and get connected in just a couple minutes. Below you will find up to date prices as per July 2024, including all specifications per eSIM card.

  • Ultimate Turkey Itinerary for 14 Days for First Timers

    After visiting Turkey more than 20 times over the last couple years I decided to go wild on my Turkey trip and travel to off the beaten path places and some of the top sights in Turkey. This way I created the ultimate road trip itinerary to visit the best places to see in Turkey in 14 days. How to travel around Turkey? Don't book a tour, do it yourself! Rent a car and follow this 2 week itinerary for Turkey and easily plan your trip yourself.

    Trust me, traveling to Turkey does not need to be done in a group trip or with a tour operator. Let me convince you that you can do this on your own and I am sure you are going to have the time of your life.