• 5 Things To do for a Weekend in Cologne

    In this Cologne travel blog I will show you how you can make the most of your time visiting the beautiful metropolis Cologne. Some places in this blog are true hidden gems, while others are the real Cologne sightseeing hotspots. To me Cologne is a perfect mixture between these two and is therefore a perfect weekend destination for everyone.

  • Best eSIM for Traveling to Germany in 2024

    Are you planning to travel to Germany and looking to stay connected with an e-sim card? This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about using an e-sim card for traveling to Germany including a comparison of the best Germany e-sim cards for 2024.

    Don't waste money on high roaming charges, read my recommendation and order an e-sim card for Germany on the internet and get connected in just a couple minutes. Below you will find up to date prices as per July 2024, including all specifications per e-sim card including info about EU data roaming.

  • Best Way To Travel From Aachen to Cologne

     As I grew up in the southeast of Holland next to the German and Belgium border I consider Aachen, Germany as my base. Because of that I travel to Germany often and mostly start my blogging trips from either Cologne Airport or Dusseldorf Airport. The Cologne - Aachen stretch is probably one of my most traveled routes in Germany and because there are many ways to complete this route I wanted to help you find the best way to get from Aachen to Cologne.

  • Buying a Prepaid Sim Card for Germany in 2024

    Planning your trip to Germany and wondering what is the best way to stay connected? Don't get fooled by slow overseas data roaming plans or let high roaming charges ruin your trip. This is a complete guide for finding the best sim card for your trip to Germany in 2024.

    Find out where to buy a sim card for Germany, a comparison of the prepaid sim cards, the latest prices as per July 2024, the best e-sim cards for Germany, the best 4G/5G network, my recommendation, info about international sim cards and much more.