• Buying a Sim Card for Austria in 2023

    Traveling to Austria and looking for the best way to stay connected? Don't let slow overseas data roaming plans or high roaming charges ruin your trip. This is the ultimate guide for buying a sim card for Austria. Find below where to buy a prepaid sim card, the best e-sim cards for Austria, up to date prices and info as per August 2023, the best 4G/5G network in Austria, my recommendation and even information about international sim cards for Austria.

  • My 3-week road trip through Germany, Austria and Italy


    First world problems because of Corona: where to travel this summer? But for real guys… don’t forget to be grateful for having a European passport that makes it possible to travel around the world so easily in the first place. Lockdown? Don’t forget to some people are forever in a ‘lockdown’ simply because their passport makes it impossible to travel!

    Our first world problems aren’t really a problem, it is just an issue!