• By train through the Sri Lankan highlands

    Actually I’m not really in the mood to write about my adventures, but I will give it a go. Where I am now is not fun, it is freaking hot, there are way too many people around me, everyone is annoyed, we are all waiting and there is no information about how long this will take. I made it to the airport in Colombo for my flight out of Sri Lanka, after 16 days of travelling in this lovely country. End good, all good, but not in my case! Just an hour ago the electricity department of the airport decided to strike. There is no power at all, which basically means life stopped here. Flights are delayed, the airport is closed and this frequent flyer is trapped inside!

  • Exploring the Sri Lankan coast by tuktuk

    From time to time you will find yourself in a position you definitely don't wanna be in and you are asking yourself why am I doing this. This after all these months of travelling still happens to me. Obviously the existence of innumerable glorious moments make it that I am still on the road. The last few days my iPhone is acting weird and that sounds not like a real problem to a lot of travellers, but lets just say Im a different traveller then. I definitely need my iPhone and no, I can not travel without. My best travel buddy in years wont charge anymore. He is slowly dying and has about 4% left at the time of writing. Although I got my MacBook with me to keep me online so now and then, an iPhone is a must have travel gadget for me.

  • My First Impressions of Sri Lanka

    It is hard to find a country that is easy accessible, where the tourism industry is flourishing and where I have not been yet, especially in Asia. Though two very well travelled countries were topping that list: India and Sri Lanka. Somehow so far I had never been tempted to go there, although the growing curiosity for especially India. Since there are so many different stories out there, some good, some bad, I thought it was time to put it to the test. A couple days later I flew out from Abu Dhabi and had a smooth landing with Eithad in Colombo: I made it to Sri Lanka.