• LEVEL8 Luggage Review | Traveling Efficiently

    For me, a solid suitcase is the way to go when I travel. A suitcase must offer optimal travel convenience for me. And it is a bonus if a suitcase looks good and is recognizable when it comes off the baggage carousel at the airport.

    In this blog you can read how I extensively tested the LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-on 20” suitcase and also reviewed the Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” from LEVEL8. Below you can find out everything you need to know before buying a LEVEL8 suitcase.

  • LEVEL8 Suitcase Voyageur Collection Review

    Earlier this year we reviewed some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction. We have been travelling using only Level 8 luggage ever since. For us a suitcase is always the way to go when we travel. Especially since we discovered the Level8 brand and its decent and solid suitcases.

    The collaboration between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom was so well received by both sides that we decided to continue this collaboration. This time we received their new Voyageur collection to test and review. Without revealing too much already, these suitcases are next level!

  • Personalized Princess Traveller Sumatra Suitcase | Review


    It’s no secret, I’m a true suitcase type of traveler. It is often much more convenient. For me a suitcase needs to be perfect. The wheels must be smooth, the handle needs to operate smoothly and not unimportantly, it must look good! In this travel gear blog I will show you all about the personalized Sumatra suitcase from Princess Traveller.