• Buying a Sim Card at Zagreb Airport in 2023

    Flying to Zagreb soon and planning your Croatia trip? Don't let slow overseas data roaming plans or high roaming charges ruin your Croatia holiday. Buying a sim card at Zagreb Airport is easy, getting an e-sim card for Croatia even easier. This is a complete guide for buying a sim card at Zagreb Airport on arrival. Find out where to buy a sim card, up to date prices as per August 2023, my recommendation, a YouTube video of my arrival, the best e-sim cards for Croatia, information about European sim cards and international sim cards for Croatia and more.

  • Best Balkan Road Trip Itinerary For 3 Weeks

    A couple weeks ago there was only one unexplored region in Europe left for me to discover and this trip was on my bucketlist for so long already. Finally I found time to go on a Balkan road trip and explore 6 new countries. I had been to Slovenia and Croatia before but not yet to Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. I was super excited to see all the Balkan highlights and was more than delighted to do this road trip with my super chill Peugeot 5008, my new favorite car.

  • Buying a Sim Card for Croatia in 2023

    Traveling to Croatia soon and planning your trip? Don't get stuck with high roaming charges, get yourself a local prepaid sim card on arrival or an e-sim card for traveling in Croatia. Don't get fooled by slow overseas data roaming plans. This is a complete guide for finding the best way to stay connected when traveling to Croatia in 2023.  Find out everything you need to know about buying a prepaid sim card in Croatia, the best e-sim cards for Croatia, up to date prices as per August 2023, the best 4G/5G network in Croatia, my recommendation, info about EU roaming, international sim cards and more.

  • Esplanade Hotel Zagreb | Feels like being on the Orient Express

    Right next to the main train station in the city center of Zagreb you’ll be able to find your luxurious “home away from home”. Travel back to the times of the Orient Express in the beautiful Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, which welcomed its first guests already in 1925. While entering the lobby you’ll be enchanted by the classic details in Art Nouveau style that are still remaining after the last renovation in 2004.