As a child my parents always took us on adventurous holidays, from hiking in Austria and Norway, to a self-guided canoeing trip through the rural, remote and wilderness areas of Sweden. During my childhood years I got to see a fair bit of Europe.

My mum is a Kiwi, so I grew up with stories about her homeland New Zealand. Ever since I was young, I have always been intrigued about the Land of the Long White Cloud. So when I was given the opportunity to do my graduation assignment in Christchurch, New Zealand, I grabbed that chance with both hands and made it my first overseas travel experience in 2010. I lived and worked in New Zealand for 6 months and got to see quite a bit of that beautiful country.

During these 6 months I caught the ‘travel bug’. I felt the urge to travel the world and explore new places, but not alone this time, but with my boyfriend Remy. We got to see some beautiful places in the years that followed, and made more and more travels each year.

It was the Summer of 2012 when we were planning our five week New Zealand and Australia trip for early 2013, when we got the crazy idea to get married in New Zealand during that trip. That crazy idea turned into plans, and while travelling through New Zealand, in between sightseeing the North Island, we got married at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Coromandel.

From seeing the Northern Lights in Tromsø to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai and Berlin, from snorkeling both the Great Barrier Reef and the Ningaloo Reef to doing the Cage of Death in Darwin, from the Big Buddha in Hong Kong to the Table Mountain in Cape Town, and from the most beautiful nature and spotting orca’s in Western Canada to the city that never sleeps New York, we have been very lucky these past few years, but still have a never ending bucketlist to go through.

I joined team Traveltomtom in July 2018. The international focus of Traveltomtom is what got me excited. By joining Traveltomtom my articles with our experiences and tips would reach a large and international audience. I get really enthusiastic about travelling and with over 8 years of travel experience I think I can help other travelers by answering questions they may have and create their dream trip.

Curious to what destinations and travels we have lined up for the year ahead? Keep following our travels through this website or via my own Instagram Travelashie.

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Find below Ashley's latest articles for Traveltomtom

HANWAG Coastridge Low | Ultimate Walking Shoe

Never underestimate the value and power of a good walking shoe. Over the years I have come to appreciate really good and decent walking shoes more and more. Especially after having had and worn out several inferior shoes in a short time. Since then I have decided never to opt for inferior and cheaper walking shoes again and to invest in quality. If you can test and use shoes from a brand like HANWAG, then you naturally say yes.

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Boutique & Design Hotel Navis | Unique Luxury Hotel in Rijeka

Excel in Luxury and Service is exactly what Boutique & Design Hotel Navis in Opatija, Rijeka is all about!

Five star hotels are often big, bigger, biggest. The motto is often the bigger the better the more luxurious. Having said that however, I often find myself lost in these huge hotels. After checking in, it can sometimes feel like a maze to find your room.

Big is not always better and best. This must have been the thought when building Boutique and Design Hotel Navis in Croatia. A small-scale five star hotel where personal service is key.

Read below all about my experiences staying in this charming boutique hotel in Kvarner Bay, Rijeka.

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LEVEL8 Suitcase Voyageur Collection Review

Earlier this year we reviewed some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction. We have been travelling using only Level 8 luggage ever since. For us a suitcase is always the way to go when we travel. Especially since we discovered the Level8 brand and its decent and solid suitcases.

The collaboration between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom was so well received by both sides that we decided to continue this collaboration. This time we received their new Voyageur collection to test and review. Without revealing too much already, these suitcases are next level!

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What it's Like to Sleep at The Efteling

As a kid in the Netherlands I grew up with the Efteling. Everyone knows it and every child would love to visit. The Efteling is the oldest, largest, best-known and most popular amusement park in the Netherlands. The Efteling is also the largest amusement park in the Benelux in terms of visitor. After Disneyland in Paris and the German Europa Park the Efteling is the most visited theme park in Europe.

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Teufel Noise Cancelling in-ears | Review

When it comes to travelling, noise cancelling headphones are one of the top must have travel gear. I thought for a long time that only noise cancelling headphones existed. But I recently found out that there are also noise cancelling in-ears. A world opened up for me.

Just recently we were introduced to a tech company that was unknown to us at the time, Teufel. You might have seen our review on their noise cancelling headphone. After this blogpost we decided to continue our collaboration, which made us test and review more of their products. We recently also wrote a review about the new Teufel Real Blue Pro.

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Teufel Real Blue Pro | Review

Earlier this year we got introduced to the brand Teufel. In Spring we tested their Noise Cancelling Headphone. We were very impressed and have only been using this Teufel headphone ever since. We think it leaves headphones from major brands such as JBL and Sony far behind.

And now we have some good news, because Teufel has recently launched the Teufel Real Blue Pro. The even better and more powerful version of the ‘normal’ noise cancelling headphones we tested before.

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Review of the Insta360 X3

Wherever we go, we always want to capture those special moments as good as we can. We want to create memories and take plenty of photos and videos to make sure we will never forget special moments. Digital and technical innovations are moving so fast that several new products are launched every year that are of interest to travelers.

Cameras, phones, drones, action cam’s, it’s all there. But those who want to travel light want to think smart on what camera gear they bring on their travels.

This all-rounder seems to go beyond where all other cameras and equipment are limited. We are super curious to check its endless possibilities.

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Hotel Nassau Breda | Where Luxury and History Meet

Hotels located in historic buildings always immediately have an interesting story. This certainly also applies to Hotel Nassau in Breda, as it is located in a beautiful monumental monastery. We recently checked it out on our trip to Breda. Hotel Nassau was our base while checking out the best things to do in Breda. In this hotel review blog post I tell you everything you need to know before booking the Hotel Nassau for your trip to Breda. But trust me it is totally worth it...

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12 Things To Do in Breda, Netherlands

Breda, The Pearl of the South, is one of the best place to visit in the North Brabant province in the south of The Netherlands.

The city has held the title of best city center in the Netherlands from 2017 to 2020. And that is quite rightly too. Breda has a lively center with cozy terraces, characteristic canals and a beautiful green park. In short, Breda has it all!

In this travel blog you will find out everything you need to know about the Breda tourist attractions and what to do in Breda. Let me show you the best places to visit in this underrated city in the South of The Netherlands.

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Revolution Race Summer Gear for Outdoor Adventures

Earlier this year we tested some of the Revolution Race outdoor clothing. Their Winter essentials were a must during our trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland.

We love the outdoors and are always in search for the best outdoor brands and clothing. It must above all be comfortable. With the introduction to Revolution Race we found our new favorite outdoor brand.

Let us tell you about the new Revolution Race outdoor gear we tested the last couple of weeks and why we think they’re the best out there.

Phantom Trail Low Hiking Shoes

Revolution Race Shoes 5

I walk a lot so I love a good pair of hiking shoes. Over the years I have experienced that hiking boots can vary enormously. And that it’s often worth the few extra dollars to go for a more expensive and better shoe. Revolution Race has its own hiking shoes, so I was curious. They decided to send me a pair in preparation for the 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen, I participated in.

The shoes are available in five colors. I went for the Black/Arona version. Simply because I like some colors to my shoes, it makes them less boring.

Revolution Race Shoes 3

These shoes are super lightweight, it’s absolutely the first thing I noticed when I took the shoes out of the box. These shoes are multifunctional as they are as flexible as a trail running shoe but they have a walking boot’s functions and stability. The cushioning of these shoes is absolutely next level, it feels like walking on the clouds, so smooth.

As mentioned, I used them during the 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen. I walked 50km per day for 4 days in a row. I started with a different brand of shoes, but after two days and blisters on both feet, I decided to switch to these Revolution Race Hiking shoes.

Revolution Race Shoes 4

For one main reason, I had blisters on both outer toes. My other boots are quite narrow at the front which made me feel these blisters really badly. The Phantom Trail Low Hiking Shoes have a generous toe part, mainly for swollen toes to provide more comfort during long hikes. This was exactly what I needed. It gave me more space and my toes were suddenly free, so I no longer felt the blisters. This really made the difference during this intense 4 Day hike and helped me make it to the finish line.

For hiking boots they are relatively reasonable priced at €159. Other high-end brand often start higher than that.

RVRC GP Pro Zip-off Pants

Revolution Race Shorts 2

I’m a big fan of zip-off pants as they are the ultimate trousers for all-year-round use. With the Dutch weather, you just never know if Summer will really kick in. So these zip-off pants are often just really necessary. We also use them for our trips a lot, as we don’t always visit sunny destinations. We love to visit outdoor destinations.

The RVRC GP Pro Zip-off Pants are part of the bestselling RVRC GP Collection and are their most durable outdoor trousers. I love the different color zippers at the detachable legs. Totally clear which part belongs where.

I wore these trousers in bad weather conditions with a lot of rain and wind. They’re made with PFC-free Hyper shell material which makes these trousers both wind and water repellent.

Another thing I really love about these trousers is that they have boot hooks at the ends of the legs, which helps to keep the trousers securely in place during any activity.

In general, the level of detail of these pants is so incredible high, just fantastic. Seven pockets for storage for example, multiple of them are with zipper, yes!

Revolution Race Shorts 1

These trousers are absolutely ideal for outdoor activities such as walking, climbing or just simply enjoying the great outdoors.
The RVRC GP Pro Zip-off Pants are my new number one outdoor pants.

Wander Pro Shorts

Just to get straight to the point, these shorts are by far the best I have ever had. They fit and feel so well. During the 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen I have used these shorts every day. We walked 50km per day, which equals about 10-12 hours of walking per day. And even with those kilometers and hours of walking I had no troubles, no friction, no abrasion! Simply perfect.

The shorts has 5 pockets in total, two of which have a zipper as well. The short is adjustable at the waist for a perfect fit and has pre-waxed reinforced parts for extra water repellency. These shorts are perfect for any outdoor activity and perfect to wear in casually on nice and warm Summer days.

I think I am just getting rid of all my current shorts and only want these Wander Pro Shorts from now on.

Revolution Race Tee

Revolution Race shirt men

A Summer outfit of course wouldn’t be complete without a nice and comfortable t-shirt to wear during these hot Summer days. We have both the Breeze Tee 2.0 for Women and the Fat Graphic Tee for Men.

Breeze Tee 2.0

These t-shirts are high-quality cotton mix t-shirts that feel exceptionally soft and comfortable against the skin. It has a super relaxed fit that gives you the moveability you need for everyday wear as well as outdoor activities. It’s an all-rounder t-shirt. It looks fancy, not at all like the standard outdoor shirts. You will want to wear it again and again, at any occasion.

Fat Graphic Tee

The same goes for the Fat Graphic Tee for men. It’s a super comfortable shirt with an athletic fit, made in a soft cotton mix. The large RVRC print at the back is just super cool. We love the fit of this shirt, it’s longer than most shirts which makes it fit much better.

Typhoon Jacket

Revolution Race Rain Jacket 2

I chose this Typhoon Jacket with an obvious reason. It’s Revolution Race lightest rain jacket, so you can bring it anywhere, around your waist or in a backpack or daypack. It can even be packed into its own pocket, how convenient.

It's fully waterproof and breathable. Features such as zippered underarm vents, adjustable hood and zip-closure hand and chest pockets make this rain jacket the perfect companion in rainy weather.

The weather in the Netherlands can be very bad and rainy. Luckily I have only used this Typhoon Jacket once, with very bad weather and lots of rain.

Often rain jackets eventually stick to your clothes or skin at some point. This one didn’t. I was outdoors in the pouring rain for over two hours and got home with dry clothes underneath my rain jacket. In any case, I am equipped if the weather turns bad when we travel again next.

Revolution Race summer gear review

We were convinced about Revolution Race as a brand and the products they make after our first introduction earlier this year for our Lapland trip. But these Summer gear might have convinced me even more, if that is possible at all.

Mid-July I walked the 4 Day Marches in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It’s the largest multiple day marching event in the world. I walked 50 kilometer per day, so a total of 200 kilometer.

Revolution Race helped me out and offered some of their Summer gear to get me through these Marches. During these Marches I used the Wander Pro Shorts and the Phantom Trail Hiking Shoes to great satisfaction. They literally helped me through the Marches to the finish line.

After we have tried and experienced both Summer and Winter clothing, I can only draw one conclusion. Nothing else than Revolution Race for us from now!

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received a set of Revolution Race clothing and a pair of shoes to test extensively and to write this review. Check out her Instagram @travelashie for more travel content.