For me, a solid suitcase is the way to go when I travel. A suitcase must offer optimal travel convenience for me. And it is a bonus if a suitcase looks good and is recognizable when it comes off the baggage carousel at the airport.

In this blog you can read how I extensively tested the LEVEL8 Full Aluminum Carry-on 20” suitcase and also reviewed the Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” from LEVEL8. Below you can find out everything you need to know before buying a LEVEL8 suitcase.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Full Aluminum Carry-on 20” suitcase and the Luminous Trunk Luggage 28” to test extensively and to write this review blog.

About LEVEL8

Level8 aluminum 6

LEVEL8 was founded in 2008 and is a New York based suitcase company. Their goal is to create and provide travelers with functional and reliable suitcases. By doing that they make travel less of a burden for travelers. Their cases are perfect for all travelers. Luggage on another level. Let their cases ease your travels so you can focus on the destination, not just the journey.

LEVEL8 Products

LEVEL8 offers a wide range of hard case suitcases. And that is something I really like. My first ever suitcase was a soft case. And even though it got me everywhere across the world, I’m just not a fan of soft cases.

Full Aluminum Carry-on 20”

Level8 aluminum 4

We got the Full Aluminum Carry-on 20” suitcase to test extensively and use during some of our recent travels. This is one of their best-selling and Red Dot award winning luggage. And I understand why! This suitcase instantly became my favorite piece of luggage for short trips.

Their aluminum luggage are finely crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy. They made sure their products are designed to promote the sense of intelligence, confidence, and maturity along with excellence in functionality.

Especially that last one, excellence in functionality is extremely important to me when it comes to suitcases. Even though you can't escape it of course, but I hate it when suitcases make a loud noise when you roll them along.

Level8 details wheels

Well, that’s a thing of the past with LEVEL8. Their suitcases have Ultra Quiet 360° durable spinner wheels. Honestly, these are so good!

Level8 details tsalock

This Aluminum suitcase is keyless and zipper less, something I approve. It has dual TSA-approved locks, keeping your belongings safe throughout your travels at all times.

Level8 aluminum test

The handle of a suitcase is often a great frustration for me. Too often these don’t work properly and smoothly and are often a big hassle getting them down. If that happens, a suitcase is immediately a no-go for me and out of the question.

The ergonomic handle grip and aluminum alloy handle are a true smooth operator and definitely a winner for me! I have never seen handles operate more smoothly than this one at the LEVEL8 suitcases.

Level8 aluminum inside

When opening the suitcase, there is a mesh pocket interior divider on both sides of the suitcase. It makes packing more efficient and easier. Your stuff won’t move from one side to the other while travelling.

Level8 aluminum 8

The Full Aluminum Carry-On is my new best travel mate when it comes to gear and suitcases. I love travelling with it. The smooth handle, the quiet and smooth wheels, the TSA locks and obviously the way it looks, I love it.

This LEVEL8 suitcase is available in silver and grey color. To me, the silver color is a winner here!

Luminous Trunk Luggage 28”

Level8 luminous trunk 3

Next to the Full Aluminum Carry-On suitcase we were extremely lucky to be able to test another LEVEL8 suitcase, the Luminous Trunk Luggage 28”.

This suitcase immediately stands out because of its shape. Less square and more rectangular. This case is one of their largest check-in luggage. The Luminous Trunk Luggage is finely crafted in design and functionality to offer a larger capacity for longer trips. It is made with the best Bayer Makrolon material to ensure a scratch-resistant hard-shell.

This suitcase is also equipped with the smooth and ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels.

Level8 details tsalock 1

The suitcase has a TSA approved combination lock where the zippers can be locked in to. This Luminous Trunk Luggage suitcase has a large capacity of 99 liters. So nothing can stop you now, you can pack everything you want! It comes in the colors black and blue.

LEVEL8 Organizer Bag Set

Level8 organizer set 2

One of the things I really, really like about LEVEL8 is that the carry-on suitcases come with the LEVEL8 Organizer Bag Set. Very easy and handy 4 pieces packing cube travel set.

Level8 organizer set 3

Very well thought off too as they come with detachable rubber patches to help you identify what each bag holds.

Level8 details luggagetag

I also like their luggage tag. It’s nothing special, but it just fits and makes the suitcase look even better.

Luggage warranty

LEVEL8 pays keen attention to the quality and material of their products. Their luggage are put through high quality tests before shipping out, to ensure you’re getting the very best from LEVEL8. And that’s why they offer lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage.

LEVEL8 Review

Level8 aluminum review

I think it’s clear, I’m a fan of LEVEL8 suitcases. And to think I didn’t even know the brand until they approached us about a collaboration. Because I’m quite critical when it comes to suitcases, the question was whether LEVEL8 could meet my requirements regarding suitcases. Their website promised a lot of good so we decided to take up the challenge and collaboration.

Level8 aluminum 5

The well-known suitcase brands are often not cheap and the same applies to LEVEL8. Their suitcases are rather expensive. The Aluminum Carry-On for example costs $429.99 USD. For a carry-on suitcase that is expensive. The luxury, convenience and functionality that these cases bring are really worth it though. We have been using these suitcases for several months now, and I dare to say out loud that these cases truly are suitcases for life.

For more info check out the Level8 website.