We previously reviewed and tested some LEVEL8 suitcases to great satisfaction. Whenever we travel now, one of the suitcases we like to use are LEVEL8 as we simply like their quality and comfort.

The partnership between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom started with reviewing the Full Aluminum Carry On and the Luminous Trunk Luggage. These were very quickly followed by a set of the amazing Voyageur Collection. Most recently we also received their Freeloop Carry On.

The previous collaborations between LEVEL8 and Traveltomtom were so well received by both sides that we decided to continue this collaboration. This time we received their Hegent Carry-on to test and review. Just like all the others, this suitcase also lives up to the high expectations.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Hegent Carry On to test extensively and to write this review.

Key Features

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn inside 1

It is no longer a surprise that the LEVEL8 suitcases are of high quality and particularly strong in the details. Like any other LEVEL8 suitcase we previously tested and reviewed, the smooth and ultra-quiet spinner wheels and customizable handle are the winners for me.

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn details 5

This suitcase looks very sturdy and solid from the outside and they have further optimized it on the inside as well. This one has for example a built-in aluminum frame which makes it stronger, more stable and more resilient.

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn details 4

The outside on the other hand is made out of durable polycarbonate material that is resistant against scratches, scuffs and dings. On top of that they have added additional protectionin the form of metal corner guards.

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn details 1

TSA locks are no longer strange to see at a suitcase and actually have become standard. LEVEL8 has equipped this suitcase with not one but two TSA locks.

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn inside 2

The interior is really well designed as well. One half is a zippered compartment, the other half has an X-strap compression system to keep everything in place. Nothing will move while travelling.

Capacity and dimensions

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn 4

Perhaps the most important information for carry-on suitcases is exactly how big they are and how much can fit in them. 
The empty suitcase itself weighs approximately 4.5 kilos. The measurements are 38.6L x 22.8W x 53.8H cm or 15''L x 9''W x 21.2''H (in inches). 

Gibraltar Aluminum Carry On VS. Hegent Carry On

I have to admit, when I first received the Hegent Carry On, I actually thought it was just a black LEVEL8 Gibraltar Aluminum Carry On suitcase. But that certainly wasn’t the case when I had a closer look. Let us explain the biggest differences between these suitcases.

The primary distinction lies in the composition of the suitcases. The Gibraltar Carry On is crafted entirely from Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy. Where the Hegent Carry On is constructed with polycarbonate and features aluminum magnesium corner protectors.

The interior of the Hegent Carry On is thoughtfully organized, incorporating an X-strap compression system, making it both lighter and more cost effective.

Luggage warranty

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn details 3

LEVEL8 pays keen attention to the quality and material of their products. Their luggage is put through high quality tests before shipping out to ensure you’re getting the very best from LEVEL8. And that’s why they offer lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage. So you can travel without any worries this way.

LEVEL8 Review

LEVEL8 Hegent CarryOn 3

LEVEL8 is one of the top suitcase brands and easily competes with well-known and established brands. I think this Hegent Carry On is one of the most robust suitcases out there. Having that said, it doesn’t just look robust, it looks exclusive with an executive look. If LEVEL8 continues to make such high-quality and high-end suitcases, we will continue to LEVEL8 again and again.

Where to buy

You can buy LEVEL8 suitcases directly through the LEVEL8 website, but they are also available through Amazon. The Hegent Carry-On is available for $239.99 USD.