When it comes to travelling, noise cancelling headphones are one of the top must have travel gear. I thought for a long time that only noise cancelling headphones existed. But I recently found out that there are also noise cancelling in-ears. A world opened up for me.

Just recently we were introduced to a tech company that was unknown to us at the time, Teufel. You might have seen our review on their noise cancelling headphone. After this blogpost we decided to continue our collaboration, which made us test and review more of their products. We recently also wrote a review about the new Teufel Real Blue Pro.

Real Blue TWS 2

teufel real blue tws2 in ears 1

I’m not really into in-ears in general. For some reason they always fall out and never stay in place. That’s something I would often say before discovering these Real Blue TWS 2 in-ears from Teufel. These are so nice and so good, it is truly a pleasure to wear them. Whatever I do, they just don’t fall out. Which instantly made them my favorite companion on my weekly walks.

Whatever it is you like to do, listen to your favorite songs on the go, hold clear video calls or enjoy the best sound during your workout training. Teufel uses the best sound technologies for these in-ears.

teufel real blue tws2 in ears details 1

Be careful not to lose them though, as they have a small and compact size. Perfect for travelling and being on the road.

The good thing about these in-ears is that these are compatible with the Teufel Headphones app. You can easily adjust and optimize the sound and volumes.

What I really love about these in-ears is that it has a smart touch control on the earcup to control the volume, ANC and more. They have IPX3 splash protection which makes them resistant to light rain and training sweat.

Charging case

teufel real blue tws2 in ears case

The charging case is the best. Just when you think the battery of the in-ears is completely dead, just put them in the charging case for a few minutes and you’re good to go again. The good thing is, the charging case is also the storage case for the in-ears. As soon as you put them in the case, they are automatically charged and they are tucked away perfectly.

Playtime with the charging case is over 25 hours without Active Noise Cancelling and over 18 hours with Active Noise Cancelling. If you don’t have the charging case with you, you can use them up to 8 hours without ANC on a single charge, and over 6 hours with ANC.


We call and meet quite a bit these days. So this function is almost indispensable nowadays. The Real Blue TWS 2 has a handsfree function for wireless calling via Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc. It has voice control via Google and Siri with very good speech intelligibility. Telephone calls are even possible with just one ear piece.

Active Noise Cancelling

teufel real blue tws2 in ears 3

Of course we all know the Noise Cancelling functions on headphones, but I had never seen this before with in-ears. I was actually kind of surprised to see that Teufel offered in-ears with Noise Cancelling. I was enthusiastic to test them out, especially on my weekly outdoor walks.

These in-ears are equipped with digital, hybrid Active Noise Cancelling for efficient noise reduction. There is also a transparency mode which can be switched on to clearly hear outside sounds without taking the headphones off.

Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 conclusion

teufel real blue tws2 in ears case 1

Headphones and in-ears are fundamentally different from each other. Even though we often use them for the same thing, listening to music, the occasion determines which type we go for. So, when travelling I would always go for a headphone. But I love the outdoors and when walking or hiking out in nature I prefer in-ears. It has annoyed me for a long time that in-ears would let too much sound through and I could never properly hear the music when I was outdoors.

That has changed now since I started using the Teufel Real Blue TWS 2. These in-ears and with the active noise cancelling have made my walks so much more fun. I am amazed by the technology that goes into these types of small devices and the convenience they offer.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received Teufel Real Blue TWS 2 in-ears to test extensively and to write this review.