Earlier this year we got introduced to the brand Teufel. In Spring we tested their Noise Cancelling Headphone. We were very impressed and have only been using this Teufel headphone ever since. We think it leaves headphones from major brands such as JBL and Sony far behind.

And now we have some good news, because Teufel has recently launched the Teufel Real Blue Pro. The even better and more powerful version of the ‘normal’ noise cancelling headphones we tested before.

Since we were already very enthusiastic about the regular noise cancelling headphones, we were super curious and excited about this pro version.

What makes the Teufel Real Blue ‘Pro’?

Teufel Real Blue Pro 2

The intention with this Real Blue Pro was to create over-ear headphones that could compete with the best competing models in the world. From our end, they already achieved this with the Teufel Real Blue.

For the Pro they have included a full set of must have features. ANC, transparency mode, the very good speech intelligibility during phone calls, Mimi, the long lasting battery life and much, much more.

Teufel Real Blue Pro detail

In addition, these headphones build on Dynamore. Dynamore is a technology developed by Teufel. It dynamically enhances the stereo image, creating a wide soundscape.

The built-in components such as drivers and ear cushions are of the highest quality to ensure maximum performance in all areas. When it comes to customer audio headphones, Teufel made no compromises here!

Best ANC

Teufel Real Blue Pro 7

Teufel has paid special attention to the sound in combination with ANC. Developing the best ANC quickly causes sound reproduction to suffer. Finding a compromise here was one of the (many) challenges. The dependence on external noise has also been carefully examined to get the most out of the transparency mode and ANC.

The Real Blue Pro comes with the latest Active Noise Cancelling, which can even be set to three levels!

The strongest ANC mode is the most used mode for most people. It is the mode that manages to filter out most external noise. Definitely my mode on my next flight to wherever. The other two ANC modes each transmit a little more external noise to the ear. This three level system allows you to choose the right mode for every daily situation.

Memory foam ear cushions

Perhaps the most important thing on headphones are the ear cushions. Good ear cushions are crucial for wearing comfort. The ear cushions of the Real Blue Pro are made of memory foam. It’s a type of foam that remembers its state. It makes bass response more consistent and ANC adjustment easier, making ANC performance more robust and effective.


In addition to powerful sound, multi-level ANC and a transparency mode, the new Teufel REAL BLUE PRO headphones also offer a function integrated in close cooperation with Teufel’s technology partner Mimi Hearing Technologies. This feature allows you to listen to music based on technology developed by Mimi for a personalized listening experience.

Mimi Hearing is integrated into the Teufel Headphones app.

With Mimi, users can accurately measure their hearing ability and use this information to compensate for any hearing loss and protect their hearing. The audio signals are processed directly on the chips in the headphones. Users with hearing loss, even very mild forms of hearing loss, benefit from compensation. They can hear more details that they miss and do not have to turn up the volume. And even users with perfect and healthy hearing benefit from the “Sound Dose Reduction” function. Depending on the headphone model, the Sound Dose is reduced by 10-30%. This helps protect your hearing and reduces fatigue from excessive listening.

Teufel Real Blue Pro conclusion

Teufel Real Blue Pro 4

I was already impressed with the Teufel Real Blue NC, but the Teufel Real Blue Pro simply blew me away. The wearing comfort is absolutely fantastic. The noise cancelling is the best I have ever experienced. I very recently used this Teufel Real Blue Pro on multiple flights where I specifically tested the Noise Cancelling feature. No more flights without this Teufel Pro for me!

Teufel Real Blue Pro Case unboxing

The sound is clear and sharp, basically it’s exactly what everyone is looking for in headphones. Teufel manages to surprise me every time, first with the Real Blue NC and later with the Noise Cancelling In-Ears and this newest addition the Real Blue Pro.
I have permanently switched to Teufel as my new headphone brand.

Teufel Real Blue Pro Case

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member AshleyTraveltomtom team member Ashley. She received Teufel Real Blue Pro headphone to test extensively and to write this review.