Earlier this year we came in contact with Thule, the well-known suitcase and backpack brand. Of course I knew Thule, but actually only by name. I never had Thule products before.

As you know, we are always looking for the best possible travel gear. That’s why we naturally wanted to collaborate with Thule. Because they are highly regarded as a brand for suitcases and bags.

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Ashley from the Traveltomtom Team received a Thule backpack and carry-on suitcase just before one of her trips so they came in very handy. For Ashley it was the perfect occasion to immediately test this travel gear to the fullest.

Thule Aion Carry-On

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The Thule Aion Carry-On is the four wheeled hand luggage of the Aion collection. This suitcase has some very clever and well thought off details, which every traveler will be very happy with.

Most suitcases unzip in the middle, giving you equal space to pack on both sides of the suitcase. With the Thule Aionthis is slightly different. This suitcase opens at the top, giving you an extra-large and deep compartment to pack your belongings. On the inside of the case, a mesh pocket separates the flap from the main compartment. I’m used to travelling with suitcases that have divided main compartments. But I actually really like the fact that the Thule Aion has just one main compartment. It’s way more easy and logical to me.

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The Thule Aion comes with a removable compression pocket with a TPU lining that keeps odors, moisture and dirt separate from the rest of your luggage. This removable pocket can also be used as a stand-alone bag. It’s the perfect pocket if you’re travelling with an extra pair of shoes for example.

To me, smooth wheels and a smooth telescopic handle are the most important features of any suitcase! If either of these two fail, the whole suitcase is a no-go for me. Thule has paid attention to these details and they work super smooth. Unlike most suitcases, where you have 4 equal wheels, Thule has done this differently with the Aion. This one has two larger wheels at the back and two smaller wheels at the front. Of course there is a reason for that. 
Oversized wheels at the back that roll effortlessly over any rough terrain, and smaller, recessed wheels at the front to create more interior space. Well done!

Thule Aion carryon 5

There are two handy storage compartments at the front of the suitcase. A larger compartment in which you can store a jacket or vest for example. The other is smaller, more suitable for a passport, wallet or keys.

I also love the canvas exterior of this suitcase. Especially in this Dark Slate color, so nice.  The exterior is highly durable and has a water-resistant coating without toxic PFCs that repels moisture, dirt and stains.

Thule Aion Backpack

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For the Thule Aion Backpack you can choose from two sizes. There is the 40L backpack and the 28L backpack. For this blogpost we received and tested the 40L backpack. We travelled to London with our new Thule Aion luggage. I travelled with the Aion Carry-On and my partner travelled with this Aion Backpack.

Similar to the carry-on, this backpack also has a removable roll-top bag which can be easily stored away after use. It’s actually perfect for dirty laundry as you can store items without odors, dirt or moisture getting into the rest of the bag.

Thule Aion backpack 3

The large compartment of this backpack is absolutely perfect for short trips or weekend trips. It offers plenty of room to store enough clothes. There are also some smaller interior zippered pockets where you can store phone, chargers and other small items for example during the trip.

Thule Aion backpack 5

But there are more compartments that are really clever and handy. The zippered top pocket keeps your small items safe, organized and within reach. I find that super helpful as I always need easy and quick access to passport and wallet for example. The padded pocket provides protection for a laptop, MacBook or tablet. Also something not all backpacks have is a special pocket for drinking bottles. This backpack luckily has one, so it keeps you drinking bottle safe and within reach.

I have never seen interior compression straps with backpacks, but the Thule Aion backpack has these straps to keep items in lace during your travels. Very clever!

Thule Aion Collection

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For this blogpost we tested the Thule Aion Carry-On and the Thule Aion 40L Backpack. But this amazing Aioncollection has more items to complete your travel set.

Next to the 40L backpack they also have a slightly smaller option, the 28L backpack. This backpack can even expand to a 32L backpack, which makes it go from a day backpack to a travel backpack.

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They also have the Thule Aion Duffel Bag. We have used duffel bags before and are actually a fan of them. The Aion duffel bag is a 35L bag. The bag has a divider that divides the duffel into two compartments. This makes it easy to separate everyday items from outdoor equipment for example. The attachment strap securely attaches the duffel to a trolley.

Finally, this collection also has the Thule Aion Sling, a modern hip bag or cross body bag. Very well thought out is that the Thule Aion sling also serves as a hip belt when used in combination with the Thule Aion backpacks.

Thule Aion Review

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Thule has absolutely lived up to its great name and fame within the world of travel gear. You expect solid suitcases and bags of the best quality with ultimate convenience. That is exactly what you get! We tested the Thule Aion Carry-On and 40L Backpack on an extended weekend trip to London.Both the suitcase and the backpack provided enough space for all our luggage for that trip. The sturdiness, solidity and ultimate convenience are on top when I think of these products.

What really appeals to me is that most of the bags are modular and multifunctional. This makes them suitable for so many occasions that you hardly need anything else.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received the Thule Aion travel set to test extensively and to write this review.