Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by maps. They hang above my bed, I collected flags of countries I had a globe to learn about our planet, basically I was already a big fan of exploring before I even started traveling around the world.

When I got contacted by Umade to see if I was interested to try one of their products I got excited the moment I saw their cool map. Basically what you will find is that they costume design any kind of map you can imagine and print them for you on a high quality fabric.

umade world map 2

My Umade World Map

For me it was an easy decision how I wanted to look my personal world map. I have written about it more often, but never in a bragging way. In total I have now visited 93 countries in more than 7 years around the world. Of course I wanted to highlight all of them on my unique world map. So when I received the map and unfolded it created a big smile on my face.

umade world map gift

I am not someone who likes to get presents in general because I always claim that we spend to much money on things rather than experiences, but when you ask me the best gift for a traveler, I would definitely name the Umade World Map.

11 Things about the Umade World Map

1. Your own creation

The best thing about the Umade World Map is that you can completely create your own map. You can design it on their website and choose the exact countries you wish to highlight.

In my case that was kind of funny, because it was going to be a long list and on top of that there are some debatable countries. Tell someone from Scotland they are not an official country and they would probably be upset. I have also been to Bermuda, Aruba, Bonaire and Gibraltar but according to the UN list of countries these places are overseas territories.

When I mentioned this the Umade creators said it was no problem and they actually added those territories to the map. How cool!

umade world map gift 3

2. Your preferred color

You are not only able to design the map, but you can also choose the colors. I chose to highlight all the countries I have visited. But you can create it exactly the way you want it.

3. High quality fabric

Damn it they came up with a solution for all those maps that after a while get damaged right? Most paper maps hang on the wall but when you move them or take them off the wall to hang them somewhere else they tend to tear apart easily, especially the corners.

4. Multi usage

One of my friends said straight away: oh wow this is a perfect picnic blanket! I never thought about it using it this way, but yeah you could totally use it for that. May be even bring it to the beach and show off your amazing world map gift.

umade world map gift 4

Anyone up for a picnic?

5. Can be washed

Depending on how you are planning to use it but in case you not only hang it on the wall you might want to put your Umade World Map in the washing machine. No problem!

umade world map 12

6. More than just world maps

I designed my personal world map, but you can also choose to create a map of Japan or a USA map and color in all the states you have been to or willing to go to.

7. Light and small

When my packages arrived I thought is this it? It was tiny, like half the size of my Macbook and I ordered a Medium map. At first I opted for a S-size map, but I was convinced to take the M-size and I totally don’t regret it. It weighs barely anything.

umade world map gift 8

8. Easy to hang anywhere

The map comes with a easy to hang anywhere tool kit. The corners are designed in such a way that you only need a pair a 3M Command Clear Hooks to hang them on a wall without the need of any other tools.

umade world map gift 9

9. Pin without a cork board

The map also comes with a set of pins that can be used to create itineraries or to pin photos and make your personal map even more interactive. The pins come with special backing clips that can keep the pins and your pictures on the map without falling off or damaging the wall. 

Pin your best holiday photos to the map without the use of a cork board. 

umade world map gift 6

10. Inspiring

To me world maps are inspiring and in my mind I already colored all the places I wanted to go. I create travel itineraries just based looking at maps. I wonder what it would like to travel in the Himalayas of Central Asia, to do a road trip on the East Coast of Africa and so on. My personal Umade World Map definitely brought some inspiration just looking at it.

11. World Wide shipping

Easy to ship anywhere in the world and within a couple days it will be delivered at your doorstep.

12. Affordable

Very important is of course the Umade World Map price! You can already create your own map for just $64.

umade world map gift 5