Who can travel without an internet connection? Is that even possible nowadays? Think about electronic tickets, ordering a taxi, booking a hotel or even making whatsapp phone calls. Everything is done over the internet and being connected feels just so much better. As a professional travel blogger I feel like I can’t travel without anymore. I mostly buy local sim cards to stay connect, but got the chance to try Vision Global Wifi. In this review I will tell you what I found out using this portable wifi device.

What is a portable wifi device?

I my article about the best way to get WiFi when traveling I explained that a pocket wifi will enable you to set up your own internet connection basically everywhere in the world where there is a phone signal. Depending on the contract with your service provider you can connect your phone, laptop and tablets. A portable wifi device acts like your Wifi router at home, but instead being connected directly with a cable, your pocket wifi device holds a sim card. Just like your router it then broadcasts a wifi signal that you can connect to.

Why do you need a portable wifi device

If you have been following my travel blog you know that I am all about getting connected as soon as I arrive in a country. Therefore I wrote many guides of buying a local sim card all over the world in the most random places: Honduras, Lebanon, Zambia, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Samoa as well as all the standard holiday destinations around the world.

Honestly said buying a local sim card can be a little hassle. You have to get in line, do some research about the network, find out prices, change sim cards and get it activated. After a long flight that is definitely not what you want and when your time is limited you rather spend it on nice things.

For people with locked phones (standard in the US) buying a local sim card is not possible at all anyway. Therefore a portable wifi device for traveling abroad is very much recommended.

My recommendation

For me the wifi hotspot of Vision Global Wifi came in handy when I was hopping from country to country. Just a couple days here, then 1 day there and then again in a plane to the next country. The wifi hotspot kept me connected at all times without having to buy a local sim card in a country where I was staying for only 1 day anyway.

However, I would always recommend travelers to get a local sim card on arrival. Why? It is the most convenient AND cheapest option to get connected. I must warn you though for buying an international sim card. I reviews them all and the outcome of my comparison is that most of these travel sim cards with global coverage are NOT worth it and super expensive!


So if you are still looking for a portable WiFi device I can not recommend you to a specific device as I have only tried Vision Global back in the days.

More info about pocket WiFi devices and why I never use them anymore in my article about getting WiFi while traveling. But again... just buy a local prepaid sim card or an e-sim card to stay connected when traveling abroad.

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Vision global wifi

I first started using the pocket wifi on my trip through Europe a couple month ago. Since I became a professional world traveler I left Holland and gave up my Dutch phone contract. So even when I am back in Europe I need to get connected to the internet somehow. It was the perfect timing to review Vision Global Wifi.

How does Vision Global Wifi work

When you want to use their portable wifi device for travel you have to rent it. Yes it is a rental, you don’t own the mobile hotspot. You go on their website find the plan that suits you the best and let is ship to your home address. When you get the device, you bring it on your trip and it is very easy to use.

You basically just turn on the device and on the screen you will find the name of the wifi signal and the password. There is also a sticker on the pocket wifi itself with the name and the password.

You then go to wifi on your phone, select the network as if you are connecting to your wifi at home, type in the password and there you go!

portable wifi device vision global wifi

Using Vision Global Wifi is as easy as doing laundry we say in Holland! :)

Speed Vision Global Wifi

Honestly Im always a bit sceptic when using portable internet, as I am used to having a phone signal. With a portable 4G wifi hotspot it seems like there is always a strong signal, but that is simply because you have the portable wifi device on you. When your internet is slow it mostly means that there is a weak phone signal as your wifi hotspot also uses that signal.

But I was pleasantly surprised! The internet speed while using Vision Global wifi did not let me down at all. I never felt like it was slow and trust me I am picky and very impatient when it comes down to an internet connection. At all times traveling around Europe I enjoyed 4G speed internet. I streamed football on it, send snapchat videos, created instagram stories and even update my travel blog from my phone while using Vision Global Wifi.

What do you get?

The Global Vision portable Wifi device comes in a little zipper bag that not just holds the global wifi hotspot. It also comes with:

  • Two adapter plugs so that you can charge it everywhere. The adapter plugs were US <—> EU.
  • A USB charger, that holds two USB slots.
  • Charging cable.
  • An extensive user guide how the device exactly works.

mobile hotspot vision global

Where to get it

It is very simple, you just go to the Global Vison Wifi website and there it is pretty straight forward. You just fill out your dates, the country, the desired plan and follow the instructions, then you click order, fill out your address and it will be shipped to your home address.

Vision Global Wifi price

Lets just assume you are about to travel to Thailand. Then on the website you fill out the following:

vision global wifi

You just fill out the dates, the country and on the right side you see the total price including shipping and returning costs.

When you go to the Vision Global Wifi Price page you can scroll down and see all data plans and available including its price. You can easily toggle the bar and see how much a certain period is gonna cost you.

portable wifi device for travel

Different data plans

Vision Global Wifi offers 3 different data plans:

  • Unlimited 4G Max: True unlimited data plan.
  • Unlimited 4G Advanced: 1GB at high speed per day and speed slows down.
  • Unlimited 4G Basic: 500MB at high speed per day and speed slows down.

The daily high speed data resets at 00:00 local UK time.

Advantages of Vision Global Wifi

Battery life

Let’s start straight away with one of the things I really loved about Global Vision Wifi! Damn the battery life is mind blowing. I have tried many wifi devices but this one is by far the best ever. The battery lasts easily for more than 24 hours. It also is a powerbank at the same time so therefore it probably has such a long breath. Just charge it overnight every time and you enjoy a connection all day long.

Connected when you land

Love that as soon as the plan lands you can start organizing things rather than you have to wait till you passed customs and you have to buy a sim card. It always take a bit of effort. I need to be connected straight when I land as I often still have to book a hotel, but also need a taxi. I refuse to take any random taxi, I always use an app for it. It is much cheaper and I don’t feel ripped off by the first person I meet in a new country.

No more roaming costs

Come on guy we live in 2019 now, who is still paying for roaming costs. Our mobile internet providers make a shit ton of money on you. Stop paying for roaming costs! There are so many alternatives and this pocket hotspot of Global Vision Wifi is a perfect solution.

Multi country plans available

This mostly counts for traveling in Europe. Buying a plan for whole of Europe is possible, but also a plan for East Asia, for countries like China, Japan, Korea. There is also a plan available for all countries in the world so that you don’t have to worry at all. It costs $24 per day.

Connect multiple devices

Perfect for when you are traveling with a family or even with the two of you. You both connect to the device and you can even connect your macbook and iPad all together at the same time. Enjoy the WLan party! 

Long term discounts

After a certain amount of days there is a flat rate.

portable internet vision global

The above graphic I found on the website of Global Vision Wifi but is not like this for every country. I tested it for you and for Japan your flat rate starts from day 14, for Thailand your flat rate starts from day 20 and for the UK the flat rate for your portable wifi device starts from day 25!

Economize Data Usage

Love this option on the portable hotspot as it let you switch on and off this option. I constantly left it switched on as I am always struggling with my iCloud and uploading and downloading. When you switch on Economize Data Usage it doesn’t allow iCloud access. By default I think it was switched on anyway.

Disadvantages of Vision Global Wifi


When I look at it purely as a portable wifi device it is quite heavy to me. Not sure what it exactly weighs but it feels like a solid thing in your hand. I guess that is the price you pay for it not only being a portable pocket wifi but also a powerbank at the same time.

For me as a man not traveling with a handbag, I always felt it was there when I put it in my pocket. On day trips I obviously had it in my daypack and it did not bother me. Women would drop it in their handbag and would not care about its weight either.

After daily limit super slow

Looking on Instagram is not possible after you used your daily limit. The daily limit still allows you to use it freely up until your plan, but after that it is kind of useless and internet is super slow. Instagram pictures wont load anymore or at least take about 20 seconds per photo. Im too impatient for that. So keep it within the limits.

No 4G, not worth it

In countries where Vision Global Wifi has no established 4G signal it is useless. So I would do a little research about the country you go on their website. I for example tried using it in Kuwait (disclaimer: Global Vision Wifi is not selling any Kuwait plans) and it kind of worked, but internet was very slow.

I rather have no internet than slow internet, I sincerely hate it. Therefore when I was traveling in Kuwait I did not use Vision Global Wifi. I found out that under the best circumstances there would be a 3G signal available, but even then it hardly worked. I sticked to the wifi of coffee shops and hotels for 2 days. That said luckily there is a proper signal in almost any standard holiday destination in the world. So don’t worry too much unless you are traveling off the beaten path like me.

Daily reset at UK time

The high speed resets itself at midnight UK time, which is pretty inconvenient when you are traveling in Asia because of the time difference. I would much rather see it reset itself at midnight local time.

pocket wifi global vision wifi

Vision Global Wifi Review

All in all I really love using this global wifi hotspot. It made my travel life much easier hopping around countries. The internet speed is fast up until the limitation and the battery life is heaven.

Let me know if you have any questions about Vision Global Wifi and I am happy to answer them.