When I was younger I always wanted to have a position in a corporate company that would allow me to fly all over the world in business class. Flying like this always was a dream, but because of the perks of my job being a professional travel blogger it became reality. I was on my way trekking in Nepal and attending the Himalayan Travel Mart 2019 in Kathmandu when I enjoyed the A380 Qatar Airways business class from Frankfurt to Doha and onwards to Kathmandu.


Qatar Airways is my favorite airliner for a couple years already as in 2017 I was upgraded to Qatar Airways Business Class for the first time ever flying from Amsterdam to Maldives. In 2018 I flew business class from Frankfurt to Doha in the Qatar Airways Qsuite and onwards in business class on the new Dreamliner from Doha to Namibia. My trip to Namibia with Qatar Airways was one of the best trips in all those years travel blogging. Click on the links above to read about those Qatar Airways business class flight experiences.

business class qatar airways a380

Before we took off I was streaming the F1 on my Macbook, great start of my flight.

Check in Frankfurt Airport

As business class tickets obviously come with free lounge access I made sure I was more than early at the airport. Surprisingly the Qatar Airways check-in for my flight from Frankfurt to Doha opened 4 hours before departure time. I was the first passenger to check-in and the landside crew was super friendly and smiley. They made me go through customs with a big smile and I was super excited to fly business class again.

Unfortunately Frankfurt Airport failed once again making everyone going through customs wait for about 30 minutes minimum. It is not the first time this happened to me at Frankfurt Airport!

business class qatar airways a380 10

Lounge Qatar Airways Frankfurt

Qatar Airways business class passengers are allowed to use the Lufthansa lounge at Frankfurt Airport. I love that there are no notifications and that it is a quiet lounge. Nothing too special to be honest but great thing was that the gate for my flight to Doha was located right under the lounge and I could keep an eye on the plane.


Less than 2 minutes after I got up from my seat in the airport lounge I settled in my A380 business class seat on the plane. My seat was on the upper deck and my seat number was 10A, it was the first row after First Class.

business class qatar airways a380 11

Welcome to Qatar Airways Business Class

My air hostess came to greet me personally with my name and offered to explain all the features on board this A380 flight from Frankfurt to Doha. I let her do her thing to find out if there was something I did not know about. Not that I am such a frequent business class flyer! LOL. I just have a good memory and besides that I created a whole video about flying the Qatar Airways Qsuite. Click on the link to see it.

There is always an Evian water bottle stored for you as well as a goodie bag which you can keep. I actually got a bunch of them at home now as every Qatar Airways business class flight (which always is 4 per round trip) you get a new one. They are equipped with a sleeping mask (one of my fave travel items), some skin products, lip balm, socks and ear plugs.

business class qatar airways a380 6

A great item that is also available on Qatar Airways Business Class flights are the noise cancellation headphones. I used to travel with my own but lost them a while ago already. Using them on this A380 flight from Frankfurt to Doha reminded me again how convenient it is to use this super handy travel item. Thanks to Qatar Airways I ordered the Bose noise cancellation headphones through Amazon again.

Not that I actually needed noise cancellation headphones as I could barely hear any noise. Flying the new A380 Qatar Airways was a blessing and super silent!

business class qatar airways a380 2

Meals on board

A cool feature of flying Qatar Airways business class is dining on request which basically means you can dine at your convenient time. My air hostess handed me out the menu and a little later came back to take my order and asked me when I wanted my meals to be served. As I was still a little full from the food in the airport lounge I told her she could serve my appetiser straight after take off and my main meal on request. Honestly said I have no clue anymore what I actually ate. I had a couple wines… :)

business class qatar airways a380 3

Oh forgot to say that there obviously was a wine list with a whole bunch of wines, rosé’s and champagnes on the menu. As I am not the biggest champagne fan I just ordered a full body red wine. Wines, spirits, beers and any kind of alcohol imaginable are available at any time during the flight.

A380 inflight lounge

But who needs an air hostess bringing you wine to your seat when you can just get up and walk into the inflight A380 lounge? Damn! I remember my air hostess mentioned something about a lounge when I boarded the plane, but I thought she was referring to the Airport Lounge. When you are flying Qatar Airways business class or first class on the A380 there is an inflight lounge.

The A380 lounge is open from the moment the seatbelt sign is off until the cabin crew prepares the cabin for landing. During my flight from Frankfurt to Doha on the A380 it was Ramadan and therefore there were no drinks displayed. The staff apologized as they said it would normally look much more attractive with all the available drinks displayed. I was not too bothered by it as I was already over the moon with this incredible inflight experience! :)

business class qatar airways a380 5

Who does not want to fly like this? Sadly the flight from Frankfurt to Doha is only 6 hours and after a little while I had to go back to my seat as we were preparing for landing. In the A380 lounge they serve small appetisers, cocktails, wine, champagne, chocolate and you can also find some healthy snacks. I did not even touch the inflight entertaining system apart from a documentary about tree climbing lions during my dinner.

business class qatar airways a380 8

This National Geographic documentary about these unique lions in Uganda was amazing to watch as in my Uganda travel blog you can read about them too including some of the best pictures on my whole blog.

business class qatar airways a380 9

In the A380 lounge there are sofas to chill on and in case the seatbelt sign would unexpectedly turn on there are 10 seatbelts so you don’t even have to return to your own seat. Perfecto! :)

Economy class Qatar Airways

On my way back from Nepal to Frankfurt I flew economy, a complete different experience. Not complaining as I had a row of 3 seats all for myself and I managed to sleep most of the flight. It was in the back of the plane though and I wish I could use the noise cancellation head phones from business class again. :)

Even flying Qatar Airways economy you get a little goodie bag with some stuff in it and one of the best things about flying Qatar Airways is that everyone gets free internet for 1 hour even Economy passengers. It even is pretty ok to use and no limitation.

business class qatar airways a380 12

Fix this Qatar Airways!

The only thing I could complain about is that Qatar Airways could do more effort to reduce single use plastic. Everything is wrapped in plastic, something concerning and definitely something Qatar Airways should work on in the near future. Especially in the anti single use plastic era we live in nowadays. Hopefully that will quickly change in the future!

business class qatar airways a380 7

Flying Qater Airways business class on the A380 from Frankfurt to Doha was another amazing flight experience. In my article about 30 unique experiences from 5 years around the world this is one the things listed as well. Im still amazingly grateful for these opportunities. After all those years traveling (7 years continuously now) Im super happy I was able to establish my brand Traveltomtom in the travel blogger industry in such a way that these things happen in my life. That said I I will never forget where I came from!

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Thank you for keeping up with the adventures of Traveltomtom.