How many times did you hear people saying: I want to travel the world and get paid for it. But how many people do really get paid to travel? Hardly anyone! Yes there definitely are a few exceptions, but reality tells us that those people are exceptions. I am not telling you it is impossible, but don’t fool yourself by reading blogs saying: everyone can get paid to travel the world! That is definitely not true!

I want to travel the world and get paid

Yes, I want to travel the world and get paid, but even I am struggling. Don’t think that it is so easy, because if it would be everyone would do it. How did you find my blog? Through my Social Media with a reach of almost 150K? You must think someone with such a huge following will earn a lot of money with it, but that is unfortunately not true. This social media world is so fake don’t buy what this world is making you believe! Yes I travelled for 4 years around the world, but that was before I even started blogging and started my big Instagram account. How? Let me surprise you with the answer in my blog: How I Afford To Travel. For the last 5 months I have been working in a bar in Sydney, because I wanted to take a break from full time traveling and content creatinteg, but yes I also wanted to make some money after 4 years. I stayed in 5 star resorts and did amazing trip around Asia for free, but I was not really making money! Therefore I decided to head to Sydney and use my Australian Working Holiday Visa. In my free time I am still trying to realize my dream: to get paid to travel!

I want to travel the world and get paid

How to earn money while traveling

Sorry if I ruined your dream, but come on people be realistic! I always wanted to become a professional football player as well, but at some point I found out I was not talented enough. At those times the world seems unfair right? But even if you are not able to get paid to travel, there are definitely ways to travel and make money.

We all know that blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance online jobs, website design and all these other online jobs are great ways to make money while traveling, but not everyone is gifted with these skills. For me it would not be an option as I have no affinity with all these kind of online things. That is funny coming from a blogger, right!? J

But I will sum up some amazing ways to make money while traveling which everyone can possibly do:

Working Holiday Visa

The best way to get to know a country is if you stay a little longer and integrate in their culture. If you are able to get a working holiday visa you can work, make money and explore the country. A very popular work visa is the one in Australia. Read about the Australian Dream or how I was able to save money while living in Sydney. Other countries that give out working holidays visas are most European countries, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, etc.

living in sydney on a working holiday visa

A visa is the easiest way to find a job in a foreign country, but how to earn money while traveling without a working visa?  The next ideas in this list don’t require a visa, the working visa will automatically be arranged for you or like in most cases no one will ask for it! ;)

Work in a hostel

Meeting new people is key for an amazing trip, but what if you make sure those people find you. Start working in a hostel and all you do is meet other travelers. Mostly hostels don’t pay, but give you a free stay, but I know many hostels do also pay under the table! Just ask around, no visas required. Take a look at my friend Will from the Broke Backpacker for even more extensive list of jobs to work and travel around the world.

Scuba dive instructor

Doesn’t that sounds like one of the best ways to travel and make money? I was on my way to become a dive instructor and work as a professional. I was looking forward meeting new travelers and adventurous people every week and taking them diving, but unfortunately during my Divemaster training I blew my ear. So far I have had a ruptured ear drum about 10 times, so for the next 5 years you wont see me scuba diving! 

Teach sports/dance/yoga/fitness

Are you talented in any kind of sport that people are interested in then try to get some freelance work as a teacher. These kind of jobs officially also require a visa but in reality there is no need to! Want to know how I stay fit while traveling around the world? Click on the link!

workout while traveling 3

Au pair

This is probably not the answer on how can I travel the world and make money when you are 30, but when you are 10 years younger and starting to explore the world this is a perfect way. You will get adopted by another family somewhere in a foreign country. They will make you feel welcome and happy as at the end of the day you have to take care of their children. They pay for everything and even give you a little salary.

Tour operator

The best way to get your daily dose of adventure! Get send abroad by a Travel Agency and be their tour operator. I told myself a couple years ago: I want to travel the world and get paid so I really looked into this. Make sure you are not send to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda every week again cause even that will get boring. ;)

Work on a yacht

Some of my friends have lived awesome lifestyles the last years by working 6 months and traveling 6 months. Their jobs at these super yachts were like a dream. In those 6 months they made enough money to travel the rest of the year. Remember that once you are working you can not spend anything and everything is paid for. Sometimes you are not even working for weeks as the boat is docked somewhere in a paradise location and the owner does not feel like moving. Dream big, work on a cruise! ;)

how to earn money while traveling


If you know how to sell things then why wouldn’t you use your sales skills while traveling? There are always jobs around where you sell for example tickets for bars, hostel parties, events, etc. Especially in places that are famous for partying, like for example Ibiza they are always looking for promoters that world off the book.

Teaching English

If you are a non-native English speaker you must think this is not possible for you, but that is not true. I have many foreign friends that past the TEFL test, which makes them able to teach English all around the world. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is very popular in Asia and South America where English is not widely spoken. If you are in the possession of a TEFL diploma you can basically travel and world around the world wherever you like! This paper is your golden ticket on how to earn money while traveling. I am happy to tell you that I partnered up with Global TEFL who is offering my readers a 30% discount to get their TEFL certificate. Go get it now, click on the link to get your ticket to one of the best ways to travel and make money at the same time.

Travel and work around the world

As you can see there are enough ways to travel and work around the world. The question is how much do you want to sacrifice? Do you want to give up your life back home? Do you want to take a leap of faith and fight for new opportunities? You know now how to earn money while traveling, but don’t be like many in their 40s who will tell you I should have… GO FOR IT while you are still young!

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